Guiding our families to what we need

November 3, 2023

“I found my peace. Thank you for guiding my family toward what we needed.” – Sandy, ROAR AFRICA guest

Two decades of witnessing families form deep bonds and reconnect on safari have echoed a central truth I have long known: connection is the key to a life well-lived. In both good times and bad, we yearn for that primal feeling of unity. I have never felt it more strongly than this past Saturday when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in France.

I was in New York at the time and I ached to be home with all our people. Captain Siya Kolisi led us all past our political differences – past race, past religion, past pain and struggle – to a powerful moment of pure togetherness. United across the globe, we carried one another to victory. What a moment. What a priceless feeling. What joy and what pride. It made me want to sing “What a Feeling” from Flashdance. These moments are so indicative of what we as humans are in search of for a life well lived: togetherness.

And yet we are mostly lost, drifting and grinding through days of senseless drama and numbed humanity. I wanted to be home on Saturday. I craved Africa. I wanted that bond that my home continent so generously gifts us through her land and her people. It reminded me of the power of this landscape and its ability to still the mind and open the heart and make us all feel at home. There is no better land to be as a family, and no better vacation than being on safari, a time when there is no pull in a “better” direction. A time to just be in the business of being together.

And while conceptualising a family safari can feel daunting, I assure you that with ROAR AFRICA, all the grind of planning and travel is entirely removed. My team and I grew up in Africa. Our expert guides are raising their children as they were raised. Through generations of lived experience, we know that irrespective of age or physical ability, the opportunities for adventure and to learn by doing, are endless.

family safaris

Expansion and education in the wild

Africa’s wide open spaces offer a safe labyrinth of discovery for children – and adults. Our hand-picked lodges, tented camps and exclusive-use villas offer the privacy, seclusion and creature comforts that enable you and your family to bask in simply being yourselves, immersed in the wonder of the wild that surrounds you. Days brim with adventure and awe, from game drives and helicopter safaris to horseback riding; bush picnics to family dinners beneath a kaleidoscope of stars. These moments together build bonds and memories that transcend borders. Families play soccer with local children, bead and chat with Maasai women in Kenya, snorkel with turtles in the Seychelles and lend a helping hand to wildlife in real-time by collaring rhinos, monitoring lions and feeding rescued baby elephants with world-renowned conservationists.

As you return to the unspoiled cradle of humankind, time slows down and senses reawaken. The air is pure, the colors vivid, the people warm. The soft, soothing sounds of nature deliver instant solace, interrupted only by bubbling laughter and squeals of excitement at each new baby elephant or wobbly giraffe. A family safari isn’t just a holiday; it’s a priceless moment of togetherness. These indelible experiences bind us together.

“I can't begin to express my gratitude to ROAR AFRICA for arranging the most amazing trip our family has ever had! Organizing a group of 13 family members on short notice to celebrate my husband's birthday in a place we knew nothing about was daunting. It was the little things as well as the big things that we will forever remember, from dramatic breakfasts in the bush to surprise birthday cakes and impromptu dance parties, not to mention the most spectacular accommodation and the knowledgeable guides who showed us Africa's wildlife in all its glory – many times right outside our doors! ROAR AFRICA handled everything to perfection. And as a family traveling with young children to a place with wild animals, we felt our safety was always considered and properly handled.” – Julie ROAR AFRICA guest

family safaris collage

Moments of real meaning

We forget that nature is our teacher. Alienation from nature and the loss of experience of being part of living creation is the greatest tragedy in our materialist era. It is one of the reasons for ecological devastation. Our consciousness has to change and I can only prescribe time in the wild together for this, to guide ourselves to a deeper area of our human existence so that we can truly become aware of our spiritual essence. We have got to open up our consciousness to the sensation of being one with nature.

Whether you’re traveling with adrenaline-loving teenagers, small children or a large multi-generational group including grandparents and friends, the heart-opening experience that lies ahead is priceless. Remember, the value of a trip like this extends far beyond the opportunity to bring to life the wildlife that roams free in every child’s imagination. As a family, you’re answering Africa’s urgent cry for conservation and helping protect precious wild spaces for future generations; for your children’s children. With nature as your guide and the wilderness your teacher, the inner journey is even greater than the outer. You will see what I mean.

“ROAR AFRICA arranged an absolutely unforgettable safari experience for our three-generation family group. As we reflect on the trip, it is very apparent that nothing was left to chance. The camps we stayed at, the order of the camps, and the individual experiences we had at each camp were clearly carefully selected and orchestrated to ‘build’ over the two weeks of travel to result in an unforgettable time in Africa. We will never forget the warmth and welcome of the people, the stunning wildlife, and the beautiful skies of an African sunset. It would not be an understatement to say that each of us returned home changed because of our time in Africa. It was truly a magical trip of a lifetime – thank you ROAR AFRICA!”  – Chris, ROAR AFRICA guest

I promise you that together you will leave full to the brim with inspiration, love and warmth, and a touch gentler and kinder – key ingredients of a life well-lived and exactly how you as a family strive to be together.


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