“You only have 18 summers.” – Pilar Guzman

February 25, 2023
Your home away from home on the open plains of Africa. Our handpicked selection of African Villas are in the most remote and pristine wilderness areas, allowing you to reconnect, restore and rewild.

“That first experience of Africa, the cradle of our collective humanity, is always extraordinary. But it can be completely life-changing, too.” – Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder, ROAR AFRICA

Each ROAR AFRICA journey is utterly unique and handcrafted around you, creating space to spend precious, undisturbed time together as a family. Every thread leads you to something unexpected, telling stories that suddenly . We share with you the complexity, truth, beauty, and culture that make up the fabric of Africa, so you can feel it too. There is an art to ROAR AFRICA travel. And in that art, you are shown the world in which we live through someone else’s eyes, discovering just how we fit into that world, often finding things we didn’t know we were looking for. After all, we only really have 18 summers with the full, undivided attention of our children. 

A lifetime living on the continent, working with a team of all-African experts, has proven what we always knew: whether it’s your first or fifth visit, the wonders of Africa’s wild spaces never cease to leave us in awe. 

Experience wild awe and wonder

“It was the little things and the big things that we will forever remember. From dramatic breakfasts in the bush, surprise birthday cakes, and impromptu dance parties, not to mention the most spectacular accommodations and knowledgeable guides showing us Africa’s wildlife in all its glory, many times right outside our doors! ROAR AFRICA handled everything to perfection. And may I add, as a family traveling with young children around wild animals, we felt our safety was always considered and properly handled.” – Julie, ROAR AFRICA guest

Endless sky, sights, sounds

The meticulous finesse of the discrete but ever-present ROAR AFRICA team dissolves the grind of travel, freeing you from hassle and distraction. You will find that being on safari is, in fact, one of the most cohesive natural ways to be together as a family – no friends round the block, no better place to be. Instead, it’s just you and your loved ones discovering Africa’s vast open spaces, endless clear sky, sights, sounds, and welcoming people. 

If you would like to learn more about how you might savor that time together in Africa, please reach out to welcome@roarafrica.com.


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