Rewilding souls and enhancing lives,
while saving wildlife and wild spaces.

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Travel's ability to transform you is as important as its power to help others – the animals, the local communities, and the land. With this in mind, ROAR AFRICA designs every itinerary exclusively for you and using options carefully chosen for their impact on others.  We create a safe and comfortable space for you to reconnect with yourself on your private learning journey.  Through the simple and powerful act of traveling with us you will return home a different person and knowing that you have helped support and sustain fragile communities and extraordinary wild spaces that remain.

“We almost feel it was a dream.

We cannot put into words how fantastic our first time in South Africa and Botswana was. ROAR AFRICA’s curation, access, seamless execution and handheld service that lead to us never having to worry about a thing as well as ROAR AFRICA’s guides and their entire Africa-based team made this the most amazing and outstanding trip in our lives.”

Robert Redford

- Actor

ROAR AFRICA’s upcoming and unforgettable journeys

The Greatest Safari on Earth

A commitment to consciousness and ecological intelligence cuts to the core of the ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari.

Women’s Empowerment 2023

Women’s Empowerment 2023 will bring together those female visionaries, game-changers and pioneers who are shattering both tribal and western glass ceilings, by virtue of what they do.

Into the wild with David Whyte

Inspired by the elements of nature, this transformational retreat will be co-hosted by David Whyte, internationally renowned poet, philosopher, author and speaker and ROAR AFRICA’S founder and CEO Deborah Calmeyer.


Private Travel Reimagined in a first class private end-to-end travel experience for families and small groups.

Our Destinations

“There is a language going on out there, the roars, snorts, trumpets, squeals, whoops and chirps that have meaning derived over eons of expression. We have yet to become fluent in the language – and music – of the wild.” - Boyd Norton

“Passport to Purpose: The Soul Reason we Travel”

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