Our Commitment to Conservation and Communities

ROAR AFRICA has long been committed to conservation, humanitarian work, economic education and development in Africa.

16 years ago, my main reason for bringing guests to Africa was to give them an insider’s experience of a continent that I have been connected to for 11 generations and love deeply. And while that obviously remains a major part of what ROAR AFRICA does, today my reasons for being in this business are more deep-rooted and altogether much more urgent. Namely, the protection of Africa’s last remaining wildlife and wilderness areas by way of mind-shifting journeys that work to conserve, educate, inform and empower. 

Watch this mini documentary Seeing the Unseen Stories - On Safari in Kenya, it is a concise observation of the meaningful connections made on safari that speaks to the passion, dedication and wonder of those guides, trackers and conservationists who work tirelessly and selflessly for the greater good. Much like the great migration, where it takes just one wildebeest to move and shift the whole herd, Chelsea Kauai sheds light on the courage of those female guides, trackers and conservationists who are paving the way in this male-dominated field. 

“There’s so much depth that comes from a life lived consciously and with intent,” she says. “Seeing this here in Kenya with the guides, trackers and anti-poaching units who have dedicated their lives to conservation, has made me strive to get there too. After all, bravery is contagious. And the act of showing each other what is possible is what really matters.” This is the very essence of what we try to imbue on ever ROAR AFRICA journey.

Travel is an accelerator for growth and it is critical we do not skim the surface of the very many beautiful places we visit. 

Silhouette of rhino at sunset

Every trip that we curate has at its core, a commitment to the preservation and support of the people, animals, and environments that we visit. These values are intrinsic to everything that we put our name to and as such we only work with properties that echo these values too. Rather than viewing Africa as a once-off, bucket-list destination, we prefer to see it as a vital investment in self and therefore a place that needs to be visited time and again.

We have seen first-hand the remarkable effects that being in the bush has on our clients and having worked with leading conservationist, and psychiatrist Dr Ian McCallum – we know that the deep, instinctual reconnection that happens when one is in the bush goes back to ancient times and the very beginning of our journey as humans. We have learnt in our own journey as a company, that just as we need to take care of the land and animals, we need to take care of ourselves too. 

With this in mind, every trip is designed to create a safe and comfortable space for our guests to reconnect to themselves. And in so doing their travel makes a profound and powerful difference that supports and sustains fragile wilderness areas.

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