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On 12 May, Deborah Calmeyer’s family arrives in South Africa. Daniel Hugo, a French Huguenot, travels here on the Dutch ship Brossenberg, and settles in Franschhoek. Simon Van Der Stel, Governor of the Cape Colony, signs land over to Daniel Hugo.

ROAR AFRICA's story began on the shores of South Africa when our founder's Huguenot ancestors arrived on the continent for the first time.

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf African safari, ROAR AFRICA is not the right match. We specialize in the tiny detail that turns a big idea into a reality — combining luxury with adventure on highly bespoke trips that dig deep into Africa's rich potential. This knowledge comes from founder Deborah Calmeyer's history on the continent, where she was born.

Every guest has the assurance of travel in Africa supported by a ROAR AFRICA guide in the field, as well as a full-time team of employees on call 24-7 based out of South Africa. We are highly experienced in managing private aircraft in Africa, as well as organizing high-profile events.

Deborah Calmeyer was brought up on a farm in Zimbabwe. Her childhood was spent riding horses, running barefoot on African beaches, and playing with Carmel, a lioness Deborah's father adopted. Later, when the political situation shifted, she moved to South Africa.

Deborah’s intention has always been to create a business that does more than just travel - so there is always a larger philanthropic mission attached to every journey she designs.

With her sights set firmly on making positive change in Africa and for Africans, Deborah’s passion for creating a company run by women, supported by native-born guides and a curated network of local expert, makes her an influential leader in the luxury travel industry.

In addition, ROAR AFRICA is known for providing exceptional and exclusive insider access (frequently built upon Deborah’s lifelong relationships in Africa), coupled with an extraordinary dedication to making every detail perfect and providing a seamless and uncomplicated experience from the moment the client steps off the plane.

“Deeply embedded in my work is an intuitive knowledge built up over a lifetime of growing up on the continent.”

Deborah Calmeyer

- CEO and founder

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