Exploring Africa

Since 1688

When time is the ultimate luxury; the wealth of the experience is the freedom within it…

ROAR AFRICA holds the heritage, passion, unique craftsmanship, and innovation gathered over 11 generations of life lived on this spectacular continent. Our journeys are a conduit through which we introduce our Africa…one where every step leads you to something unexpected, sharing stories and showcasing secrets that make the ordinary extraordinary. We thread the complexities, history, beauty, biodiversity, and dynamic culture woven into the rich tapestry of our home.

There is an art to our adventures, one that understands the intricate relationship between travel and design, our outer aesthetics, and our inner emotions. We uncover the experiences and introduce the people you didn’t know you were looking for. Our hope is that these trips are transformative. After all, we’re sharing Africa, our home, not selling a destination.


“Deeply embedded in my work is an intuitive knowledge built up over a lifetime of growing up on the continent.”

Deborah Calmeyer
- CEO and founder
2023 David + Deborah


We launch “Into the Wild with David Whyte” –augmenting the safari experience to an entirely new and elevated level. Six days exploring our inner landscapes alongside the discoveries of secret creatures and the joy of fast friendships. Hosted by Deborah Calmeyer and world-renowned poet, philosopher and writer David Whyte.

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