The Ultimate Guide to Luxury African Safaris

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Welcome to the world of ultra-luxe African safaris.

Africa, the cradle of humanity, is an incredibly diverse continent that’s home to a range of exquisite landscapes, unique wildlife, architectural wonders and of course, untouched wilderness. A luxury African safari is a personally transformative experience that not only changes your life but leaves a positive impact on the communities and conservation initiatives encountered.

At ROAR AFRICA, we take great pride and care in curating unforgettable experiences for guests that are carefully chosen for their immediate, tangible impact on the people, places and precious wildlife of our home continent.

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive guide as a starting point for discovering what thoughtful travel means to you – and thus, you can begin planning the ultimate African safari.

What You’ll Find in This Guide to Luxury African Safari Trips

We intend our guide to be a comprehensive source of information about how to design an ultra-luxe, life-changing safari to Africa. Each chapter will include a variety of expert tips and useful insight into the logistics and options for planning an African safari.

We’ll look at everything from the best places to go on safari, when to go and where to stay, what to pack and the unforgettable activities you shouldn’t miss. 

In Chapter 1, we will begin with an extensive overview of how to plan a safari to Africa. You will learn about how to plan a unique itinerary for your personal experience and tips for choosing the ideal destination and activities to witness the very best of Africa’s wild spaces and wildlife.

Chapter 2 takes a closer look at where to go on a luxury African safari. We’ll explore several transformative safaris and explain how your experience can differ depending on the country you choose and when you choose to go. 

In Chapter 3, we will help you perfect your packing list and understand the logistics of an Africa safari trip. We’ll cover: 

  • safety considerations for a safari 
  • what to pack for a luxury African safari 
  • important travel logistics 

Chapter 4 focuses on the variety of thoughtful luxury accommodations available in Africa. From luxury lodges and private villas to tented camps and eco-havens, here you can begin to envision your piece of paradise on your safari.

Our discussion of traditional African cuisine and fine dining in Chapter 5 will thrill food lovers and oenophiles alike. You will learn how African cuisine varies widely and begin crafting your list of the best farm-to-table foods, wines and fabulous restaurants to experience during your stay. We can also confirm that all dietary requirements, from kosher to vegan and everything in between can be accommodated.

Chapter 6 explores the many activities you can experience on a luxury safari. Whether you seek to relax or desire more adrenalizing adventures, ROAR AFRICA will help you plan the perfect moment-by-moment journey. 

In Chapter 7, we focus on the most popular travel activity in Africa - the iconic safari. Prepare to be inspired by the unique wildlife you can encounter in Africa from the iconic Big 5 to the smallest creatures, birds and even insects that play a critical role in maintaining the biodiversity of our beautiful planet.

This magnificent continent, which is home to most of the ROAR AFRICA team, holds so much wonder we promise you’ll want the moments and feelings the wild will inspire to last a lifetime.

Chapter 8 includes expert tips for how to capture priceless memories and moments in the wild on camera.

In Chapter 9, we cover important information on how to travel safely and responsibly in Africa. Sustainable travel is critical to preserving the wildlife, nature and communities that call Africa home.

Finally, Chapter 10 brings things full circle with in-depth information on how ROAR AFRICA handles all these meticulous details so you can focus on the transformative experience that lies ahead.

After reading our Ultimate Guide, you’ll feel more prepared and excited to explore our luxury African destinations and unique experiences at ROAR AFRICA to start planning your life-changing safari.