ROAR AFRICA: Pioneering Luxury Safaris

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ROAR AFRICA: Pioneering Luxury Safaris

With a comprehensive understanding of what goes into planning an African safari and an appreciation for the continent's diverse experiences, it’s time to take the first step on your journey.

At ROAR AFRICA, we are redefining what the best African luxury safari company should be. Rather than set strict itineraries, we take the time to understand what luxury means to our guests before curating the perfect, 100% personalized safari experience to their expectations, abilities and dreams, while ensuring their trip has a direct positive impact on conservation efforts on the ground in Africa.

When it comes time to choose an African safari company for your unforgettable experience, consider ROAR AFRICA Safaris where we utilize a lifetime of lived experience and insider relationships on our home continent to make the impossible, possible. 

Unparalleled Safari Destinations

ROAR AFRICA safaris hold the heritage, passion, unique craftsmanship and innovation gathered over 11 generations of life lived on this spectacular continent. Our passion for Africa, its wild spaces, diverse wildlife and, of course, its people is anchored in everything we do. The destinations, national parks and private reserves that top our list are exceptional, stewarded by pioneering individuals who share our commitment to protecting wild spaces.

Our areas of expertise span across Africa’s most storied wildlife destinations such as Kenya, South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania all of which are home to iconic wildlife viewing and extraordinary culture. In addition to some lesser-known, equally spectacular wilderness locations such as Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools or Rwanda’s Akagera National Park.

ROAR AFRICA safaris thread together the complexities, history, beauty, biodiversity and dynamic culture of our home continent to weave life-changing experiences for our guests. From white-sand beaches and lush jungles to vast ochre deserts and expansive bush, we have an intimate knowledge of southern Africa’s landscapes. Our ROAR AFRICA safaris thoughtfully and safely showcase destinations that offer a journey of contrasts and limitless possibilities for awe, adventure and connection. 

Africa is Our Home

What makes ROAR AFRICA the best ultra-luxe African safari company is the intuitive knowledge of Zimbabwe-born CEO and founder Deborah Calmeyer. Deborah’s in-depth knowledge, personal connections and insider intel built up over a lifetime on the continent of her birth enables ROAR AFRICA to act as a conduit through which she introduces guests to unparalleled safari destinations and extraordinary experiences.

Of course, ROAR AFRICA’s level of seamless execution would not be possible without the on-the-ground team. ROAR AFRICA is proud to have dedicated, on-the-ground teams in each destination we operate in. We are with our guests every step of the way and available 24/7. Our experienced, local guides and safari experts share stories and showcase the continent in a way that makes the ordinary extraordinary.

From guided bush walks and game drives to food tours and cultural visits, our hand-picked guides are the foundation of an unforgettable travel experience. Not only do they help curate each experience to the guests’ needs and preferences, but they also know the geography, local communities, history and activities inside and out to share stories and hidden gems and make personal introductions unique to ROAR AFRICA. Our work is deeply personal - we’re not just selling another destination, Africa is our home.

andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge main guest area Namibia

ROAR AFRICA Luxury Accommodations

We have imbued years of experience into becoming the best African safari company art to our adventures, one that understands the intricate relationship between travel and design, human emotion and experience. Every detail matters. The accommodations offered are just as important as the destination.

ROAR AFRICA safaris involve spectacular stays at a range of exquisite luxury lodges, tented camps and private villas that serve as your piece of paradise on the continent. We take immense pride in providing a hand-picked roster of vetted five-star accommodations that are imbued with that distinct warmth one only finds in Africa. 

You will never find chain hotels on our list. Rather, we partner with a range of eco-design-forward, welcoming and visually stunning accommodations. Each property overflows with emotional intelligence, creativity and personalized service while prioritizing sustainability. Their originality and authenticity are stunning – even more so when you consider our increasingly homogenized world of chain hotels and corporate groups. 

High-End Amenities

These luxury accommodations also feature a wide range of amenities to make a private safari all the more memorable. While wildlife viewing may be the highlight of a ROAR AFRICA safari, it is the moments in between, that stillness we all seek,  that profoundly enhance your time in the wild and understanding of Africa.

As one of the best luxury safari companies, ROAR AFRICA ensures accommodations prioritize comfort, privacy and immersive experiences. Guests can choose from gourmet dining and sometimes walk through the lodge’s organic gardens with the chef to learn about and harvest their dinner. The afternoon after a long bush walk is perfect for a private spa day or massage experience with local botanicals. Perhaps a movie night under the stars or an authentic boma dinner made with local ingredients…the options are endless.

Rock Lodge Cottage Bedroom Kwazulu Natal South Africa

Expert Safari Guides and Personalized Experiences

As we said, ROAR AFRICA safaris would not be what they are without our highly dedicated team of safari guides. These local experts have grown up in Africa, they too are raising their children between the city and the bush, fostering a deep understanding of the wildlife and environment they operate in. This authentic, lived experience empowers them to provide in-depth insights into African ecosystems and cultures and shows you the best of the best.

Even beyond the bush, our guides' meticulous attention to detail makes us one of the best luxury safari companies. Their knowledge and passion for both Africa and people are what allow us to tailor our luxury African safaris to meet both the individual preferences and needs of our guests, maximizing opportunities for immersion and tremendous good fun!

This goes beyond simply understanding what guests like to do, though this is a major part of it. It allows us to suggest other unique experiences we believe our guests would enjoy that they may not even realize are options, like exploring local food markets and impossible-to-access wineries, private introductions to significant figures and leading conservationists and so much more. 

Additionally, there is always flexibility and empathetic understanding when it comes to accommodating special requests, dietary restrictions and different abilities. Our robust team of African safari experts is equipped to assist guests with every scenario to make the impossible possible.

Seamless Logistics and Services

As we close the final chapter of the Ultimate Guide to Luxury African Safaris, you may be wondering where to start with planning your own once-in-a-lifetime journey. You now understand the many moving parts of planning a safari and just how critical it is to choose the right specialist to guide you through the myriad destinations and accommodations to decide what you will see and do. Planning a unique itinerary in a new land that captures the delicate balance between adventure and rest, wild wonder and well-being is no small feat for any traveler navigating a new land.

Our time is so precious and ROAR AFRICA safaris are for those who don’t have time to get it wrong. We take the stress out of planning and executing your journey, making every step safe and utterly seamless with zero grind. It is so important to us to understand your travel DNA in order to craft the ideal itinerary of unforgettable activities and exceptional safari experiences. All the while immersing you in the wonder of the wild introducing the people you didn’t know you were looking for and ensuring your journey to Africa leaves a positive impact. 

As one of the best African safari companies, every detail is perfected to create a seamless travel experience. Our exceptionally experienced staff and guides always prioritize the well-being of our guests and are always prepared for the unexpected. Whether it be a sudden storm, a delayed flight or a change of plan, our team is ready to work behind the scenes to ensure things go smoothly. We work with only the best to deliver the best. 

ROAR AFRICA safaris are designed exclusively for you. Tell us your dreams of a luxury African safari and we can transform them into a life-changing journey.

Explore our luxury African destinations and experiences at ROAR AFRICA.

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