What Will I Do? Luxury Safari Experiences, Adventures & More

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What Will I Do? Luxury Safari Experiences, Adventures & More

Many people dream of taking the trip of a lifetime to Africa, home to our world’s last truly wild spaces and the cradle of our humanity. But what exactly do you do on a safari? Let’s lift the veil to reveal the details of what one can expect on a luxury safari. From the golden break of dawn to crimson sunsets, we'll explore what a typical day on safari looks like and dive into the must-do experiences and insider touches unique to ROAR AFRICA.

A Day in the Life of a Luxury Safari

No two guests are the same and everyone’s needs and wishes for their trip are unique. An African safari itinerary with ROAR AFRICA is deeply considered when we work with you. However, if you’re seeking an overview of what to expect on your safari journey, let us paint you a picture:

As the first rays of dawn break across the horizon, an early wake-up call marks the beginning of your day in the bush. Enjoy a coffee and a small snack before setting off on a sunrise game drive.

For the next few hours, you are out discovering the open plains of Africa. Nature in its purest form is at your fingertips while the knowledge and expertise of a specialist guide gives you the context you need to truly understand the circle of life that surrounds you. With every exhale you surrender further into the natural rhythms of the wild, growing more and more in tune with the energy of the earth that is our life source. Your senses awaken as you listen to the crescendo of the wildlife around you and take in the sights and sounds of the wildlife that roam free across the untamed landscape.

As the sun reaches its peak, it’s time to sit down to a full breakfast spread before taking refuge at the pool, the spa or on the deck of your palatial room just watching the wildlife go by. In your sanctuary nestled in the wilderness, the midday sun invites you to read, swim, relax and spot game from the comfort of your room, binoculars, in hand. After lunch and a siesta, the second half of the day begins to unfold.

At around 4 pm after high tea, you’ll venture back out into the bush. You might be on another bush walk, a game drive, floating down the riverine channels in a mokoro (a traditional dugout canoe) or soaring across the landscape on a helicopter safari - the choice is yours.

The thrill of tracking leopard spoor, happening upon a herd of grazing elephants or following the distant roar of a lion takes you deeper into the rhythms of nature - suddenly you want to spend every minute out in the wild. You can’t get enough! Before driving back to camp, a stop for sundowners (effectively cocktail hour in the bush) on the hood of the Land Rover as an iconic sunset sets the sky ablaze with pink and red streaks.

Twilight marks the beginning of a night drive back to camp - where a leisurely evening among good company and nourishing food awaits. After sharing stories around the campfire beneath a tapestry of stars and fully refueling after a day of discovery, bedtime in the bush comes easily. The day is done and the nocturnal soundtrack of the bush lulls you to sleep.

This is just one example of an African safari itinerary. The true beauty of a ROAR AFRICA safari experience is that it’s entirely personalized to you and nothing is obligatory. You can do as many or as few game drives and activities as you like, this is your sacred time away with loved ones. Our meticulous planning means no detail is overlooked and you can fully relax safe in the knowledge that this trip is going to change your life and leave a positive impact on conservation efforts and the local communities you encounter.

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What to Expect from a Luxury Safari Experience

With this idea of an African safari itinerary in mind, it’s time to consider how you will fill your days. There are endless things to do in Africa on safari, from thrilling adventures in the wild and cultural immersions to rejuvenating wellness retreats.

Adventurous and Unique Safari Activities

Consider these safari day ideas that are ideal for connecting with the true spirit of Africa.

Luxury Safari Excursions

No list of what you do on a safari would be complete without the main event - actual wildlife encounters. However, how you choose to get up close and personal with nature is up to you. Beyond traditional game drives, you can also take special excursions such as walking safaris, night drives, mokoros (traditional dug-out canoes), photography excursions, hot air balloons should you be in Kenya or Tanzania, horseback rides and even heli safaris.

These experiences give you the gift of experiencing the wonder of wildlife in new ways and from every angle. A walking safari is an intimate immersion into nature that roots you closer to the earth and puts all the native fauna and flora at eye level. It also engages one’s primal instincts of sight, sound and scent. A heli safari provides an adrenalizing birds-eye view of the sweeping plains and a thrilling chance to spot roaming African elephants and hordes of cape buffalo from above - putting you in places totally inaccessible by road, plane or even on foot.

Immersive Experiences

The way we share Africa with our guests and with local communities, culture and each country’s complex history is as authentic as it gets. From Cape Town to East Africa, our native-born guides and safari specialists ensure you become fully immersed in the places you travel to.

Conservation is another aspect of an African safari that is central to the experience. Consider meeting the highly trained, specialist canine unit that keeps South Africa’s wildlife safe from poachers or the skilled vets and conservationists involved in rhino de-horning and translocation. A lifetime lived on the continent means we have insider relationships and friendships with leading players in Africa’s conservation, culture and design fields.

Rejuvenating Retreats

Make sure to leave room for relaxation in your African safari itinerary. Time spent at a luxury spa, wellness retreat, world-class art galleries or perhaps a private shopping experience provides a chance to soothe the soul and fully reset before returning home.

Exceptional Wildlife Encounters

The wildlife we have left is precious. To see these creatures who have roamed the planet for millennia living the natural cycles of their lives - hunting, playing, resting and grazing - in nature is a huge privilege that cracks your heart wide open. However, the wildlife you see ultimately depends on where you travel and, to a certain extent, the time of year. And, of course, whose hands you are in on the ground in Africa.

Here are a handful of the animals you may see on safari.

Big Game

You can find many of the Big 5 in iconic National Parks across Africa such as Kruger National Park in South Africa, Tanzania’s Serengeti or Kenya’s Masai Mara. A game drive led by an expert guide and tracker is the best way to see the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

Of course, you may also see other infamous creatures such as endangered wild dogs and pangolins, colorful birds, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, mischievous troops of monkeys and many more.

Little Game

A walking safari ensures you can get up close and personal with Africa’s Little 5. These are the rhino beetle, buffalo weaver, ant lion, leopard tortoise and elephant shrew. 


The jungles of Rwanda and Uganda are a lush paradise for primates of all kinds. Golden monkeys fly through the branches and chimpanzees and wild mountain gorillas nest and play among the verdant rainforest that covers the Virunga Massif.

These are but a few of the examples of what you can do on a safari. Explore our luxury African destinations and experiences at ROAR AFRICA to learn more or find fresh inspiration.

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