Types of Luxury Safaris: Private, Family, Guided and More

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Types of Luxury Safaris: Private, Family, Guided and More

Welcome to our Africa. The home continent of the ROAR AFRICA team where untouched ancient wilderness meets thoughtful luxury that’s as refined as it is responsible. From wondrous wildlife encounters in the bush and family bonding at private villas to expert-guided adventures, there’s a type of African safari for every interest and age group.

At ROAR AFRICA, we’re committed to guiding travelers toward the type of African safari that’s a true journey of the soul. One we were privileged to grow up with engrained in our bones. We are sharing our home. Whether that means a traditional experience in the bush, a trek to see the gorillas or exploring the waterways of the Okavango Delta - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the wildest places on the planet.

Join us as we explore Africa’s extraordinarily diverse landscapes from endless emerald savannahs to vast ochre deserts and pristine sandy beaches. We firmly believe that time in the wild is a prescription for the soul. Our hand-crafted, stress-free, ultra-luxe safaris are meticulously designed to meet the needs of those who simply do not have time to get it wrong.

Private Luxury Safaris: Hand-Crafted Wildlife Experiences

Embarking on a private African safari is a restorative, rewilding immersion into nature’s most spectacular landscapes. It’s a gift to yourself and your loved ones that creates memories for a lifetime.

On a ROAR AFRICA safari, every experience is designed to your very singular needs and desires. In our care there are no crowds to fight, no details forgotten or waiting on the telephone as you’re with one company all the way.

The sheer variety of wildlife safari experiences we can offer makes this kind of journey or vacation an ideal, customizable experience for travelers. A family African safari strikes a delicate balance between re-connection, adventure and education, one in which you can disconnect from the world and truly be together with the wilderness as your teacher.

A honeymoon safari provides the most exquisite and romantic settings for your new journey together.

While African safari trips for solo travelers allow adventurous guests to safely fall under the spell of the wild’s magic in unbridled luxury in even the most remote locations. In fact, a safari is perhaps the easiest type of trip for solo travelers as one is never really alone unless in your room or by personal choice.

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Types of African Safaris: Choosing Your Safari Destination

At its core, every type of African safari shares one thing in common: an escape into nature and the ability to experience wildlife in its purest, most primal state.

Regardless of whether you choose a luxury family safari or a romantic escape, you will be immersed in some of our world’s last truly wild spaces, where nature reigns supreme and humans remain outsiders. Our expert guides become the narrators of your story, bringing to life the experiences you once dreamed of and sharing the insider knowledge that comes from a lifetime on the continent.

Distilling down the types of African safari one can choose requires an understanding of the myriad of landscapes. From the vast expanse of the Serengeti or Masai Mara where the Great Wildebeest Migration leaves its mark each season, to the breathtaking seclusion of Namibia's amber deserts and the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta of Botswana.

Imagine everything from a classic game drive to see the Big 5 in their natural habitats, exploring by horseback or a walking safari through the bush to get up close and personal with the continent’s smallest creatures. One can take in the landscape from every angle, including from above in a light aircraft, helicopter or hot air balloon. The options for how you experience the vast wilderness of Africa are entirely up to you. Everything can be made accessible to guests of all ages, fitness levels and physical abilities.

Unique Safari Experiences: Beyond Traditional Safaris

Ultimately, a luxury African safari is an extraordinary journey of contrasts. Three wildly different, out-of-this-world destinations that truly encompass this feeling are Namibia, South Africa and the Seychelles. These destinations offer experiences that transcend a traditional wildlife safari. Their dramatic landscapes, unique cultures and thriving wildlife can enhance your appreciation of the diverse African landscapes.

Safari takes on a new meaning in the desert and Namibia holds the oldest desert in the world. An extraordinary landscape morphs from smooth, powder-fine dunes to the dry clay pan of Deadvlei, dotted with gnarled camel thorn trees whose thirsty roots stretch up to 200 feet below the surface. And then, there’s the rugged beauty of the Skeleton Coast, home to some of the world’s biggest waves best viewed by helicopter from above.

A plethora of luxury tented camps and spectacular safari lodges like the all-glass, design-forward Sossusvlei Desert Lodge or the tented Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp immerse you in the stark beauty and fiery orange sands of this landscape.

South Africa offers the trifecta of land, sea and city. It’s the ideal land of contrasts for a first-time safari or family adventure. World-class Cape Town entices your senses with a fabulous food scene, wine and culture galore. A spectacularly scenic coastline offers the chance to view penguins and whale watching during certain times of the year. Further inland, you can find the Kalahari Desert, Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, all pristine wilderness areas populated by both big game and incredibly rare, critically endangered creatures like pangolins and aardvark.

The Seychelles is one of the most exquisite groups of islands in the world. An escapist dreamland defined by picture-perfect boulder-strewn white beaches and thriving coral reefs. Days on the island are all about barefoot luxury interspersed with scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, deep sea fishing and, if you’re lucky, turtle hatching.

The above are a mere sample of the types of African safaris ROAR AFRICA designs. From traditional wildlife safaris in the bush and unparalleled experiences by the sapphire sea to adventures across wide open plains, Africa’s sheer diversity of landscapes are endless. Your journey toward awe begins here.

Explore more of our luxury African destinations and experiences at ROAR AFRICA.

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