Victoria Falls from Zambia on Luxury Safari in South Africa

Zambia Luxury Safaris

Zambia offers a unique blend of wild awe and authenticity that will leave you forever changed. The country’s wild spaces are places where the rhythms of life are mostly untouched by the grind of modernity. Every moment on a Zambia luxury safari is a seamless, immersive encounter with the untamed wonders of nature.

Experience a Luxury African Safari in Zambia

The magic of a luxury safari in Zambia lies in the vast, unspoiled spaces and the profound silence that envelopes you as you venture deep into its wilderness. This is a place where the awakening of your senses is inevitable as you become acutely attuned to the subtle whispers of the bush. The amazement of encountering wildlife in its natural habitat, without crowds and commotion, is a revelation. 

This is also the country that started walking safaris way back in the 1950s – certainly the purest and most thrilling way to experience wildlife. A visit to Zambia promises an uncrowded, deeply authentic and down-to-earth safari adventure. 

Adult and Baby Cheetah Sitting in Tall Grass on South African Safari in Zambia
Traveler Relaxing and Reading in Chair while Watching Giraffes on Luxury Safari in Zambia

Over 33% of the country is designated to national parks and Zambia has some of the best guides in the world.

Red Orange and Blue South African Birds Flying in Flock over Mountain

Zambia Safari Experiences

Embark on an opulent journey of a lifetime into the heart of Africa's wild wonders with exclusive Zambia safari experiences. Immerse yourself in the authentic magic of the untamed wilderness and access to the most remote and pristine corners of Zambia, where space and silence become your companions.

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Embark on an a journey imbued with wild awe and authenticity as you savor life-changing moments with sundowners on the Zambezi. The magic of the African sunset reflected on the tranquil waters, the space filled with the hushed silence of the wilderness, is a true awakening of the senses.

Sundowners on the Zambezi River

Game Drives & Walking Safaris

Sleepouts Under The Stars

Tiger Fishing

Canoe Safaris

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Community Visits

Devil’s Pool Swim

Family of Elephants Walking down Dirt Road on Animal Safari in Zambia
Pat Mitchell

You come home a different person

“Every visit to Africa is an experience that not only is memorable but changes your life – the way you see, the way you think, the way you feel. Travel to Africa with Deborah Calmeyer, and you truly experience everything, because every other detail and logistic is taken care of. Allowing you to embrace the moment and ensuring you return home a different person.”

Pat Mitchell
- Connected Women Leaders

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“There is a language going on out there, the roars, snorts, trumpets, squeals, whoops and chirps that have meaning derived over eons of expression. We have yet to become fluent in the language – and music – of the wild.” - Boyd Norton


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