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June 28, 2024

Sand, Sea, City & Safari – a dream-like journey of contrasts

It's been one month since we finished our first-ever Sand, Sea, City & Safari journey. I am still digesting the sheer wonder of it all, clinging on to the movie of contrasts still playing in my head. To have experienced such a kaleidoscope of rich color and diverse beauty viewed from above still makes me feel giddy. Like a finely choreographed ballet, we danced from one extraordinary location to the next, each place a heady mix of both sand and sea. The whole experience was so otherworldly; it felt like a dream. 

This new trip was a landmark moment for ROAR AFRICA – its epic success is a culmination of everything we have learned in the 18 years of delivering excellence and insider access to the most rarified experiences our beloved home continent offers. It was, without question, the best trip of my life. Every element that elevates travel into a transcendent journey - laughter, awe, fun, unbelievable wildlife, and fabulous guests reminded me of the difference between a trip and a journey. On a trip, you've got worry as a companion, for you're always concerned about what happens next and sticking to an itinerary. But on a journey, you never have to worry. At ROAR AFRICA, we provide the ultimate journeys.

Sand, Sea, City & Safari - a dream-lilke journey of contrasts

While there's always risk involved in creating something new, ROAR AFRICA was founded on the belief that the sky is not the limit. We push boundaries and dream bigger. To traverse three radically different destinations – Namibia, South Africa and Seychelles - rarely, if ever, paired together in unbridled luxury by private plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, and more in 17 days initially sounded crazy. But I knew we could deliver Sand, Sea, City & Safari in our own singular way. 

And we're doing it all again in May 13-30, 2025.

African wild landscapes

There's a fine art to our design. While I was initially inspired to showcase the unparalleled topographical diversity of my home continent – the sand, the sea, the city and safari in the bush…the sands of our three destinations imprinted on my soul. Sand is so simple, yet so significant - an ancient accumulation of billions of shards of rock, shells, and dust that travels the world through wind and water, holding the stories of times past, present and future. Those tiny grains of sand are the thread that wove this trip together so naturally and authentically. 

Beyond the moments of human intimacy and the majesty of the landscapes we traversed on this journey, it's the exploration of both the inner and outer landscapes that leave one forever changed. We all finished this life-changing journey richer in the things that matter: friendship, fun, awe and a profound appreciation and respect for the wonder of nature's creation.


To watch guests' expressions and joyous reactions to places I know, and love is perhaps my favorite element of hosting our ROAR AFRICA specialist journeys. On Sand, Sea, City & Safari, our first stop, Namibia, blew everyone away – including one guest who has visited 96 countries.  Her words to me were, "I have never seen anything like this in my life." To land from bustling Dubai into the silence, stillness and stark beauty of our world's oldest desert felt akin to landing on another planet. And then to view this landscape both close to the earth on foot, quadbikes and drives and like a bird - flying across deep red, ochre and orange sand to a coastal grand finale resembling caramel ice cream scoops as those sands meet the sea. After soaking up that spectacular coastline, dotted with seals, penguins and rolling white-capped waves and visiting ancient graves of the world's oldest living people, the San, we lay out under a sky bursting with stars, guided through the constellations by an astronomer. In these moments, we felt like the only people on the planet wrapped in a cocoon of glorious seclusion.

Cape Town

Next, Cape Town. To circle iconic Table Mountain and land our Emirates plane and excited guests in a city I and many of our team consider home was incredibly emotional. As always, the buzz, rich culture and world-class cuisine of our Mother City worked their magic. Our guests flew by helicopter for a private tour of Robben Island with Mandela's former prison guard, Christo Brand, sipped cocktails at sunset atop Table Mountain and tasted exceptional wines in spectacular private estates in the Winelands before taking off into the wild beauty of the bush. During this time, I introduced our guests to my own dear friends who share my commitment to showcasing the best of Africa – sommelier Joseph Dhafana, who guided our wine tastings; AMANU-founder and designer Anita Patrickson and fynbos expert Giselle Courtney. Giselle shared the correlations between fynbos and origins of consciousness with our guests before hosting us with her husband, Mark, for wine and oysters on the terrace of their spectacular South African home.

Sabi Sands

I'm still recovering from our unbelievable luck in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. From sighting a leopard with a fresh impala kill up a tree right after landing to waking up to buffalo basking in the morning sun right by our suites.

We were elated to see a rare and utterly enormous python before relaxing and sharing stories around the table at Singita that night. 


To conclude, we flew on the Seychelles. There is so much beauty in contrast to the brown bush of Sabi Sands, our eyes bathed in a moving painting of blues and greens and flying foxes. We immersed in the marine world of the Indian Ocean, relaxing on the beach, snorkeling into the blue, indulging in Creole cooking classes, painting and barefoot barbecues, thoughtfully digesting the magic of all we had seen and felt.

Friendships while travelling
Friendships, fun and lives forever changed

"Letting go became a theme for so much of the journey; my life is transformed forever, and I know so much more about myself. These revelations have contributed to a profound reawakening that may not have happened if it wasn't for this physical and spiritual adventure. My gratitude runs deep for ROAR AFRICA, Lee, you and all the rest that made the journey possible. You should be very proud of what you've built! With great appreciation and much love." – Guest, Sand, Sea, City and Safari - 2024

I can assure you that if there is no end to your curiosity, there is no end to what Africa has to share. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be that gradual discovery of secret creatures, mysteries, drama and fast friendships. But perhaps, after all, it is not so much about the new discoveries but, in fact, the space to discover ourselves.

To join us on Sand, Sea, City & Safari, taking place May 13-30 2025 aboard the Emirates Executive Private Jet, kindly contact or click here. This extraordinary journey costs $175,000 per person sharing.

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