The vision behind The Greatest Safari on Earth 2023

September 22, 2023
Photo credit - Jeanne Bohen, ROAR AFRICA guest

30 days of traveling. 80 hours of flying. 20 new friends. Daily doses of awe and beauty. And yet the privilege of sharing a journey that promises to feed our deepest spiritual hunger is unquantifiable. It will forever be the greatest experience of my life.

The heady combination of diverse landscapes, majestic wildlife and warm, soul-bonded people makes this trip the glue that binds me to my homeland. In Africa, my heart fills with a resonating presence that reinforces a core truth: being in the wild heals us.

The four iconic destinations on The Greatest Safari on Earth were chosen with surgical precision to bring guests’ dreams to life and evoke that primal human desire we all share – to understand our place in the world. The beauty before us is an urgent invitation to return to ourselves and let go of the pointless niggles and 24/7 technology we cling to. It is here in responding to the call of the wild that we find ourselves. Annica, one of our 2023 guests, captured the essence of this trip with her words:

“The Greatest Safari on Earth has to be experienced. Words alone will never quite capture or do justice to this extraordinary adventure. This is a trip you wish would never end, or at the very least, wish that you could do over and over and over and over again.”

What a gift to share this journey with new friends, our team and all those who contribute so tirelessly to deliver what truly is The Greatest Safari on Earth. My gratitude runs wild to all who make working on the canvas of Africa the privilege of my lifetime. We laughed, we cried, we soared and we ROARED!

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found in the wild

“What an incredible trip. You gave us memories for a lifetime.” – Dan, guest, August 2023

On the surface, The Greatest Safari on Earth may look like an ultra-luxe trip that seamlessly covers the very best of Africa in just 12 days. While that assumption is correct, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Deep consideration, unmatched insider knowledge, meticulous planning and the precision of a trapeze artist are guided by sensitivity and the most delicate of hands. We blend these ingredients together to equal so much more than the sum of their many parts. 

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Emerge profoundly changed

“We are trying to stay in the cocoon of our experience with you and re-enter slowly and mindfully. It was a deep, soulful journey. We couldn’t be more grateful to you and your team.”  – Sheila, guest, August 2023

The neurophysiological benefits associated with an immersion into nature are well-documented by scientists and mystics alike. The Greatest Safari on Earth is purposefully designed with this in mind. Our world can feel so impenetrable. To spend undisturbed time in nature, immersed in the ancient landscapes from which we all originated, spurs a potent feeling of belonging. In Africa, you’ve returned to the source.  

This adventure towards awe starts in my homeland of Zimbabwe. To stand before Victoria Falls, face to face with the sheer force of the almighty Zambezi River plummeting 354 ft before us, feels like a metaphysical gush hitting the brain. The rush and roar of that cascade floods us with dopamine and soaks us in wonder. A wild flow of energy begins to rise in the well of the soul as new friends are made and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are shared.

We move on to Botswana, discovering the meandering twists and turns of one of the most pristine places on earth, the Okavango Delta. Here the rivers and streams that surround us are punctuated by towering termite mounds, grazing elephants, swaying palm trees, prides of lions, big red sunsets and sunrises. And as if that outer landscape is in sync with the inner, there is a melting and a softening, as a new joyful rhythm begins to beat within us.

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On to Kenya we soar, across mountains and valleys, descending into the magnitude of the Maasai Mara. This iconic landscape is Africa on steroids; a vast expanse of wilderness. Similarly, the heart expands and the lungs fill as we drift across the sky in hot air balloons, watching millions of animals moving in the greatest natural show on earth – the great migration.

And, finally, Rwanda – an extraordinary country of resilience and reconciliation with a conservation story of epic success. Ascending the volcanoes through the thick emerald rainforest kindles a contemplative state. To sit with the mountain gorillas, who reflect 97% of our DNA and the best of our humanity back at us, is a moment to celebrate the quiet miracles and secret symmetry of the soul. We dissolve into a state of grace. We have awakened to the mystery of being here and perhaps have entered the quiet immensity of our own space.

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Forever bound to Africa

“Above and beyond. The greatest of all time.” – Larry, guest, August 2023

To our special guests and new friends who trusted us to shepherd them on this journey of the soul to Africa, my home – my gratitude is eternal. 

To learn more about The Greatest Safari on Earth or to join one of our two 2024 trips (Aug 10–22 and Aug 25 – Sept 7), kindly email or click here. This epic journey aboard the Emirates Executive Private Jet costs $148 000 per person. 

To minimize the environmental impact of ROAR AFRICA travel, we purchase carbon credits equivalent to our emissions, contribute to wildlife conservation and invest in the communities that host us. 


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