A Rwanda luxury safari with ROAR AFRICA

Trek through the rainforest to meet the world’s last mountain gorillas in unbridled luxury.

Embark on Ultimate Luxury

I feel touched by the vision and progress of my country, Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

Lydia Nzayo, Managing Director of Guest Experiences, ROAR AFRICA

A luxury safari to Rwanda is Africa on steroids. With ultra-luxe, design-forward lodges that meld into the landscape like Singita Kwitonda and One&Only Gorillas Nest, emerald rainforests blanketed in mist, and one of the most culturally exciting capitals on the continent, Rwanda has risen above its war-torn history to become one of the safest countries in Africa to explore. And its breathtaking wilderness is home to the last mountain gorillas on the planet.

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Meet the last mountain gorillas of the Virunga Mountains

There are just 1,000 mountain gorillas left on our planet. To spend uninterrupted time with these precious primates, who share 97% of our DNA, in their natural Virunga Mountains habitat, is a priceless opportunity. A bucket-list dream for most, ROAR AFRICA’s ultra- exclusive treks led by the best guides and trackers in Africa can be anything from half an hour to half a day through lush jungle terrain. And our access is unprecedented. We introduce guests to celebrated researchers and scientists at the Dian Fossey Fund, organize stays at the only private villa – a spectacular property - within easy access of the gorillas, and curate adventures throughout this mystical landscape.

Rwanda is renowned for its exclusivity, impact-led conservation initiatives, and of course, safety. Nearby Nyungwe Forest National Park, considered the Amazon of Africa, is another transformational destination to track chimpanzees, spot elusive golden monkeys and observe troops of black-and-white colobus monkeys up-close.

Explore Kigali, Africa’s most exciting capital

From furniture to fashion, art to craft, and architecture to design, Kigali is a capital worth discovering. The heart of this country’s creative pulse, we’ll unlock access to the continent’s rising designers, vibrant architecture, farm-to-table cuisine, and social initiatives this city is so famous for.

Taking you only to the African safari destinations we know and love

Our philosophy is simple: we only promote those African safari destinations that we know and love, where you can be assured of a seamless, totally stress-free luxury experience, in the wildest of emerald terrains.

For us, sharing the continent of our birth, the cradle of all humanity, is deeply personal. We are sharing our home – the people and places we hold dear - not selling a destination.

Join us on what is sure to be a revitalizing, rewilding, and hugely rewarding journey. We cannot wait to share all the sheer wonder and unfathomable beauty Rwanda has in store for you.

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Estimated cost +/- $2500 per person, per night.

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“Deb!!! We all want to thank you and Liz for a PERFECT trip. We said there is not one thing different we would have done - your planning was perfect- not one hiccup. Love Eve, Phyllis, Lauren and Terry”

Eve Rodsky
- Author, Fair Play

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