To care for the earth is to care for the soul

April 29, 2023
Family Travel Safaris

Time is our most precious resource. How and where we spend it matters. A breathless urgency to use our finite time effectively and protect Africa’s last remaining wilderness spaces informs our every move at ROAR AFRICA. We purchase carbon credits equivalent to our emissions, contribute to wildlife preservation, and invest in the communities that host us. In committing your time and resources toward the places, brave people, and critical conservation initiatives protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces, you’re gifting more time to future generations. 

Preserve the wild - Family travel

We support impact-led wildlife conservation programs, from Ewaso LionsWildAidSave the Elephants, and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to anti-poaching programs and biodiversity initiatives. Nature is our nurture. Without it, we will suffer an immeasurable loneliness of spirit

We introduce guests to leading scientists and conservationists like Kennedy Zakeer, primatologist Dr Tara Stoinski (president of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund), pangolin activist Lisa Hywood (founder of the Tikki Hywood Foundation), zoologist Dr Lucy King (leader of the groundbreaking Elephants and Bees Project) and Kenya’s first female anti-poaching rangers paving the way for a more inclusive future in conservation. Each of these individuals and entities is pioneering change and pushing for better protection for our planet. By embarking on a journey with us, you become a key part of that protective armor and positive social and environmental impact our planet needs. 

family travel

“I can assure you that if there is no end to your curiosity, there is no end to what Africa has to share. There is everything one imagines: the vastness and wilderness of landscapes, amazing people, animals, and plants. It is the embodiment of all my dreams. My deep love of nature, wildlife, and freedom. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be that gradual discovery of secret creatures, mysteries, drama, and fast friendships. Perhaps, after all, it is not so much about the new discoveries, but in discovering ourselves.”  – Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder, ROAR AFRICA.

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