Let Africa be your classroom

April 15, 2023
Lioness and cub

Africa is our home. We’re not selling just another destination. Our private guides have spent their lives on the continent. They are raising their children as they were raised, between the melting-pot culture of the city and the untamed magic of the bush. Their knowledge, sensitivity, and, most importantly, passion for Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces are unparalleled. To be led throughout your journey by guides at this level is both revelatory and reassuring. Your safety is our utmost priority.

“Our private guide was with us from the time we landed in Cape Town until we departed Johannesburg 12 days later, and it is an understatement to say that he was a delight and an integral part of the success of our trip. It was no easy task, with nine of us ranging from 11 to 80 in our group, but he managed us through airports, kept track of everyone (and everything) throughout the trip, and worked with the camps to fit our ever-changing needs while making sure that every last detail was perfect. He was amazing in his knowledge of the local terrain, ecosystem, wildlife, and cultures that we encountered. We will never forget the warmth and welcome of the people, the stunning wildlife, and the beautiful skies of an African sunset.”  – Chris, ROAR AFRICA guest


Our home continent holds learning journeys of profound transformation for the entire family. Imagine paddling with a penguin colony (heaven on earth for kids!) just beyond Cape Town. Or perhaps a visit to Robben Island, led by Nelson Mandela’s former prison guard, Christo Brand. Learn the ancient skill of tracking. Observe the morning ritual of Tswalu’s meerkats as they climb out of their burrows and start to forage. Awake to elephants splashing along the riverbank or even drinking from your pool. Watch in awe as the dung beetle collects its food and then pushes it into a ball with its back legs. For budding conservationists, these experiences are as much about the joy of discovery as they are about fostering understanding and empathy for wildlife.

family travel with ROAR AFRICA

The connection and cross-cultural friendships fostered in Africa are the true wealth of the experience. Those moments of discovery – beading and dancing with Maasai women, meeting orphaned baby elephants and rare Rothschild’s giraffes in Kenya, snorkelling with marine biologists in Seychelles, sharing stories and legends with family and new friends around the nightly campfire – build perspective and form bonds that transcend borders. It’s in these fleeting moments, that we find our footing in the world.

To discuss booking an ultra-luxe safari for you or your family, kindly contact welcome@roarafrica.com. From there, one of our safari experts will be in touch to learn more about you and your needs and guide you personally through each step of our seamless process.


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