The Power of Resilience

July 21, 2020

CLICK HERE to watch the replay of today’s webinar “The Power of Resilience” 

At a time when we are all searching for ways to cope with COVID-19 and the challenges it brings, it got me thinking about those who have proven themselves to be the most resilient – and how I might learn from them.

There is one man who stands out above all others, the late Nelson Mandela who would have celebrated his 102nd birthday on July 18th. A man who endured a life sentence of lockdown in prison.  As a global advocate for human rights, Mandela played a critical role in symbolizing the humanity and steadfastness of fighting for something that is so much bigger than ourselves and that is what I believe we are all fighting for. Something so much greater than ourselves – the preservation of our most ancient companions – wild animals, and the last remaining wild spaces.

With this in mind, I am delighted to share a conversation on The Power of Resilience with Mr. Christo Brand, former prison guard to Nelson Mandela and Ntozelizwe Talakumeni former prisoner on Robben Island with Mandela, Dr. Ian McCallum – Medical  Doctor, Psychiatrist, Poet, Wilderness Guide and Steven Lake, ROAR AFRICA’s head guide.

As we endure lockdown and suffer through the extraordinary loss – lets draw inspiration from those who have plumbed the depths of their own humanity to cultivate resilience and unending hope, so that we will fight on for that which is so much greater than us.  To hear more you can view the webinar now, CLICK HERE.


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