Imagine a world where people no longer buy wildlife products such as shark fin, elephant ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scales? That’s the world that we at ROAR AFRICA and international conservation organization, WildAid passionately envisage. We’re proud to be associated with WildAid because its focus on ending the demand through education, is one that we feel will affect the most positive change. Every day, from the plains of African to the depths of the world’s oceans, animals are being caught and killed mainly for profit.

Illegal trade in wildlife is thought to be worth more than $10-20 billion dollars a year, with only trafficking in arms, drugs and people more profitable. Using the same techniques as high-end advertisers, WildAid persuades people not to buy these products thus ensuring up to 1 billion people a week are familiar with the WildAid slogan: When the buying stops, the killing can too. And it’s paying off, WildAid is now the leading environmental communicator in Asia with its delivery of clear, hard-hitting messages by way of advertising campaigns.

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