The ultimate journey of contrasts

April 6, 2024
Journey of contrasts

Africa is a glorious hotbed of biodiverse landscapes, wildlife and ancient cultures. When I describe the variations in topography you will experience on this journey - from the rippling ochre dunes and kaleidoscopic night skies of Namibia’s Sossusvlei Desert to Cape Town’s cosmopolitan buzz and elegant Winelands to the pristine bush of Sabi Sands teeming with wildlife and, finally, the sapphire waters of Seychelles, people look at me in sheer amazement. With just ten guests on board, the Emirates Executive Private Jet, Sand, Sea, City & Safari is the best expression of Africa’s extraordinary diversity, from the sand to the sea.


I am bursting with excitement for our first departure, as I know this trip will be life-changing. I cannot wait to share it with you and for all the new and wonderful friendships, stories and connections we will make along the way. We take off on May 13th…just a few weeks away!


The unbridled joy of discovery

Why, you may ask, would anyone want to take on this level responsibility, of logistical brain surgery, precision and perfection? The answer is JOY. Pure, unadulterated joy for both the people on the trip and those who are all part of delivering it. Sharing my home, its people and its power to crack the heart open, bring down the human scaffolding and fill us with awe and enchantment is the very essence of what living this one precious life is all about. This journey takes us all beyond what anyone thought possible to the cutting edge of ultra-luxe travel in Africa.

South Africa

The unspoiled beauty and diverse environments of the three countries we’ll explore are beyond belief, but to really understand the importance of these landscapes, the literal lungs of our planet critical to biodiversity and environmental health, you need to see it. Remember, Africa is home to 20% of the world’s land, a sixth of its remaining forests, a quarter of its mammals and a sixth of its bird species. Again, biodiversity beyond belief.

Sharing the people and places we cherish

The true wealth of any travel experience is the people you meet along the way. I will introduce you to the people who make up the fabric of my life, peeling back the layers of history, culture, art, cuisine, conservation and human consciousness unique to my home continent. People like Zimbabwean sommelier Joseph Dhafana, South African and founder of the Cape Town Fynbos Experience, Giselle Courtney, Christo Brand, Nelson Mandela’s former prison guard, and so many more surprises. This singular journey distils the best of the best of my and my team’s lifetimes of lived experience in Africa, removing the stress and hassles that too often act as barriers to the immersion we all seek.

Sand, Sea, City & Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime journey where every moment has been carefully considered, enabling you to discover the wonder and stillness of Africa’s last wild spaces in unbridled luxury and ease. This epic adventure for just ten guests will take place May 13-30, 2025, and costs $200 000 per person.

I do hope you’ll join us.

To learn more about Sand, Sea, City & Safari or to reserve your spot, kindly contact We aim to minimize the environmental impact of ROAR AFRICA specialist travel, purchasing carbon credits equivalent to our emissions, contributing to wildlife preservation and investing in the communities that host us on this journey.


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