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The Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is not only the oldest geological island on earth, it’s also the 4th largest having broken off from Gondwana some 165 million years ago.

Since then it’s developed its own unique ecosystems where freaks of nature have survived due to an absence of large predators. With over 200 000 species of wildlife and more than 10 000 plant species, of which 90% are found nowhere else on earth, you may get to see giant moths with super-long tongues, leaf-tailed geckos and a bug-eyed lemur once thought to occupy an evolutionary spot between a squirrel and a woodpecker.

Madagascar is also home to more than 100 types of lemurs and 50% of the world’s chameleon population. A visit here is nothing short of other-worldly with visits to the spectacular mineral forest of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a must. There are many excellent nature reserves and parks to explore on the mainland, as well as the Lokobe National Park and The Tanikely Reserve on the island of Nosey Be, just off the northwest coast.

Madagascar Lemurs
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As the late British Naturalist Gerald Durrell who traveled here many times said: ‘It is an island filled with magic.’ Prepare to be awed.

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Lemur Encounters

Lemur Encounters

Helicopter Excursions

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Visit to the Baobab Forest

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve & Stone Forest

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“There is a language going on out there, the roars, snorts, trumpets, squeals, whoops and chirps that have meaning derived over eons of expression. We have yet to become fluent in the language – and music – of the wild.” - Boyd Norton

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