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November 17, 2023
Photo credit - Jeanne Bohen, ROAR AFRICA guest

For most people, designing a trip comprises of a dream, a map, connecting geographical dots, comparing friends’ and online recommendations, shopping around for prices and lining up flights. But what are you truly buying? And what is that worth to you on your personal safari of life? Before you know it, you’re speeding off on what you hope will be a seamless journey that magically meets your every need. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are low in today’s chaotic world, in which masses of dubious information competes for your attention and the contents of your wallet. More often than not, that friend or “expert” has experienced only a handful (or none) of the options on the table. Despite their good intentions, they’re simply not qualified to hold your precious travel dream in their hands.  

The very best trips have an experienced hand behind their design; a high level of expertise, sensitivity and priceless intuition that comes from sharing one’s homeland rather than just selling another destination. The crafting of moments to recuperate, restore and reconnect guests in faraway places is nothing short of an art. And while some might say that “best” is a subjective concept, after five journeys, fifty guests and hundreds of lives transformed, I believe that The Greatest Safari on Earth is the very best trip in the world right now. Not only because of the level of luxury, the meticulous execution or Africa’s four most iconic destinations. It’s not even because of the magic carpet ride on the Emirates Executive Private Jet. It is because the ingenuity of the design combines all of these things into a deeply transformative experience. Your dream delivered before you could even dream it.

GSOE collage 1

I say this with confidence because I designed this trip in a completely new and novel way. It’s the culmination of my lifetime of lived experience in Africa. Each step is choreographed to meet our innate yearning for awe, our physiological need for nature and the rhythm of our emotions as they sway and soar in the wild.

I recently answered many of your questions on the “how” and the “why” of this trip during a live webinar (click here to watch using the password ROAR2024!) which caused me to reflect on the ways that designing and delivering the Greatest Safari on Earth has changed my life, and why I deem it to be the very best trip in the world right now. Everything feels more precious to me these days: silence, space, clean air, fresh food, friendship…I feel an urgency to protect it all. I realize that true transformation is cultivated in our hearts and psyche and that the canvas of the African wilderness is our greatest source for this.

Images from the Greatest Safari on Earth trip with ROAR AFRICA

Experience the best trip in the world

Softening and sensory awakening in the wild

The Greatest Safari on Earth begins in my home country of Zimbabwe, on the banks of the almighty Zambezi River. Standing before Victoria Falls, one feels the pure force of nature. The wall of water cascading 354 feet right in front of us feels like it turns on a tap in my brain, releasing a new life force of chemicals. As that energy flows and weaves its way through my body, it mimics our experience on our next stop, the Okavango Delta, twisting and turning gently, a life force releasing emotion from deep within. A softening is happening – a flow, a warmth – inspired by the beauty in every sunrise, sunset, smile and the miles and miles of wild space. I am coming home to myself.

GSOE collage 4

Onward we fly to the vast open plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya. My heart follows this course as the body expands in tune with the endless landscape. There is more air than I know what to do with. My breath deepens and my shoulders drop in sync with the expansive migrating herds. I feel like my heart will burst with love and enormous appreciation for the miracle of nature that surrounds us.

GSOE collage gorillas

Finally, we finish our odyssey in Rwanda, a country of hope, reconciliation and restoration. Rooted back to ourselves, we settle into a place of deep understanding and come face to face with 97% of our DNA in the form of the gentle giants who call this rainforest home: the gorillas. Our more dignified primate cousins are perfect examples of how to just be. Holding their milky gaze, we dissolve, and finally we are part of nature, not apart from it. We return to a more elemental and connected human state – one we didn’t know we were missing.

This is a trip designed to match physiology and spirituality and to bring an emotional transformation. It changes our very internal architecture.

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Stillness, peace and profound beauty

You can leave Africa, but it will never leave you. This place and these people settle into your bones and take up permanent residence in your soul. My intention behind this trip is to return you a slice kinder, more gentle and more aware of our world and all the wild beauty it holds. This journey, a heartfelt distillation of my evolution and consciousness to share with you the very best most transformative experience, it is the greatest gift I can offer for your personal safari of life.

To inquire about The Greatest Safari on Earth (August 10–22 and August 25 – September 6, 2024), please email This trip costs $148 000 per person sharing. To watch a recent webinar that answers any questions you might have about the trip, click here (password: ROAR2024!)

We aim to minimize the environmental effects of ROAR AFRICA travel by purchasing carbon credits equivalent to our emissions, protecting wildlife and investing in the communities that host us. 


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