ROAR and Restore

Note: This event has passed.

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Rewilding: ROAR & Restore: May 31st – June 5th, 2019
Designed as a five-day learning journey of reconnecting, self-discovery and self-realization, Rewilding: ROAR & Restore 2019 will bring together the visionaries, game-changers and eco-pioneers, who inspire us on a daily basis. This year’s retreat will be led once more by ROAR AFRICA’S dear friend and specialist wilderness guide, Dr. Ian McCallum, whose profound intuition, vision and poetry has been a great source of inspiration for ROAR AFRICA. His thoughts on the far-reaching consequences of action and inaction and his belief that ecological intelligence (the understanding and acceptance of the ancient interconnectedness that exists between us and the animals, trees and land with which we share this planet) leads to a sense of freedom, wellbeing and authenticity is what underpins every aspect of the rewilding experience.

Women’s Empowerment ROAR & Restore: June 11th -16th, 2019
As a company, ROAR AFRICA is enormously proud of our predominantly female team, who raise the benchmark every day in the areas of travel and conservation. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is bearing witness to the ways in which the industry is creating equal opportunities that encourage women to become more influential within their own communities and empower them to make decisions that impact positively upon their lives. Within the powerful landscape of South Africa’s Karoo, you will travel with and hear insights from a dynamic group of women speakers who will offer intimate access to the thoughts, inspirations and vision of some of the most inspiring women of our time. As always, accommodation will be of the utmost luxury and we will be the very first guests to stay in the newly redesigned Tswalu Lodge. Here your every essential will be catered to from spa treatments to yoga classes.

ROAR AFRICA is very excited to announce the dynamic new ROAR & Restore Retreat, a five-night learning journey in the wildlife refuge of Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau that will take place from April 16-21, 2018. The retreat promises to be an adventure-filled five days where a small group of guests will embark upon a journey of self-discovery and self-realization based on the principles of rewilding, restoration and healing.

The ROAR & Restore Retreat is the culmination of a meeting some five years ago, between ROAR AFRICA’s founder Deborah Calmeyer and Dr. Ian McCallum, a poet, philosopher, conservationist, and psychiatrist. ‘His belief in our inner wildness and an inherent connectedness between all sentient beings is both powerful and compelling stuff,’ explains Deborah. ‘His assertion that we are all living archives for the history of life on the planet opened my eyes to the fact that trees and plants carry 15% of the human genome while insects carry 40%, and birds and crocodiles carry a staggering 88% and 85% respectively. And if that doesn’t move you, consider this – those of us with Blood Group O and A could technically speaking, receive a blood transfusion from our closest living relative, the chimpanzee who has a 99% crossover of the human genome.’

Which brings us to the concept of ‘Rewilding.’ It means different things to different people. In nature, rewilding is achieved through large-scale conservation that seeks to restore natural processes and habitats of core wilderness areas, in order to sustain and protect apex predators and keystone species. Inspired by this, the ROAR & RESTORE RETREAT seeks to apply those self-same rewilding principles to human nature by offering our guests a deep immersion in nature that empowers change and the discovery of peace, purpose and a deep reconnection with oneself. For it is our long-lost ‘inner nature’, characterized by curiosity, not fear, awareness instead of distraction, and passion over apathy that will unlock our innate wildness, long lost through social conditioning.

The ROAR & RESTORE retreat will take place in the most restorative of places, Kenya’s Segera Retreat, a recognized Global Ecosphere Retreat, that is set within 50 000 acres on the Laikipia Plateau. Over the last seven years, Segera has itself undergone an intensive process of rewilding thanks to the vision of its owner Jochen Zeitz, who has systematically removed all fences on this former cattle farm, and reintroduced game to the area whilst rehabilitating the overgrazed lands.

A visionary in his own right, Jochen has consistently used his wealth to change opinions on everything from African art (he is a founding member of Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town) to conservation and climate change. He’s currently director and chairman of Kering’s sustainable development committee and a co-founder (with Richard Branson) of the B-Team, a not-for-profit initiative that seeks to catalyze better ways of doing business.

Together with the community of like-minded speakers and thinkers, ROAR & RESTORE will facilitate an adventure-filled five days for those visionaries, game-changers, philanthropists, and people passionate about the conservation and restoration of our wild places –  to help you be the change you wish to see.

You will leave the ROAR & RESTORE RETREAT enlightened, in a way that benefits you, the planet and its wildlife thanks to a reconnection with the immense power that we all hold within us. Just as nature has been forever altered due to human intervention, human nature has also undergone an irrevocable shift that has left us disconnected from the natural world and our inner ‘wild’ selves. We, therefore, invite you to rediscover the wild woman, wild man or wild child in all of us while giving back to the community and land of Segera.


Pat Mitchell:

(host & mediator of Roar & Restore) is a lifelong advocate for women and girls and is known for her leadership in the media industry as a journalist, producer, television executive, curator, and activist. Her career has focused on using media as a force for social change in her former roles as President of CNN Productions and PBS and now as Senior Advisor to the Paley Centre for Media. She also currently partners with the TED organization to host and curate the TEDWomen conference.

Dr. Ian McCallum:

Author of Ecological Intelligence: Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature, who will address how our acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of all living things will ultimately ensure the survival of the human animal.

Dylan Lewis:

A prominent South African artist and sculptor whose work consistently asks questions such as: ‘where does animal-kind end and humankind begin? What of the wild and primitive within?’ Lewis will explore these tantalizing enigmas, as he searches wilderness, myth and ancient belief systems for inspiration, meaning, and answers.

Laura Turner Seydel:

A national environmental advocate and eco-living expert dedicated to environmental education and gardens in schools, and Zero Waste Zones, an organization that promotes communities working together to change current disposal methods of consumed products. She co-founded Mothers and Others for Clean Air and the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

Tracy Harrison:

Scientist and founder of The School of Applied Functional Medicine, which teaches healthcare practitioners on the interconnectedness of a person’s whole life system and how that determines their wellness or illness. Harrison helps people to embrace the role of their genetics, early life conditioning, home environment, career, food choices, and relationships.She believes in the role model of nature in teaching how we can best thrive individually, as well as a collective, in pursuing happiness, vitality, and fulfillment.

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