A wild haven in the mist – last minute option to visit Rwanda, Sept 3-6, 2024 (Sold Out)

April 12, 2024
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Some places stick with you more than others, taking up permanent residence in your memory and imprinting on your soul. Rwanda is one such place. Defining this beautiful, tiny nation isn’t easy. Instead, The Land of a Thousand Hills is so many things at once: 

  • The Virunga Massif is home to 604 of our world’s last 1061 mountain gorillas
  • The safest country for tourists in Africa
  • A regenerated wildlife haven
  • An epic conservation success story 
  • A bastion of women’s empowerment with 61% female representation in parliament
Rwanda - Singita Kwitonda

A beacon of resilience, courage and forgiveness in the aftermath of profound tragedy, Rwanda is a land bathed in grace. I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with this country, having hosted several Greatest Safari on Earth trips, our 2021 Women’s Empowerment Retreat and many personal visits. Rwanda is also a different kind of safari experience. It changes your outlook and perspective not only because of what you’re experiencing – the gorillas, the golden monkeys, extraordinary displays of human grace and spectacular natural landscapes – but also because I find it to be so rich in feminine energy. It has its own unique gentle power like nowhere else I’ve ever been and the heartening feeling of pure happiness and deep human connection you share with all Rwandans, alongside your fellow trekkers, guides and porters is unlike any other. To meet the curious gaze of our closest primate cousins, with whom we share 98% of our DNA, is as humbling as it is transformative.

Thus, I am thrilled to announce that two suites have become available this September 3-6, 2024, at Singita Kwitonda, the only lodge that shares a border with Volcanoes National Park. It’s incredibly difficult to secure space at this ultra-luxe haven in the wild and trekking passes less than one-two years in advance. If you have dreamed of trekking with Rwanda’s mountain gorillas and immersing in the magic of that sacred volcanic landscape, this is a rare opportunity. Join us as ROAR AFRICA takes over the entire Singita Kwitonda lodge with our guests to bring you this once in a lifetime opportunity! You only live once and this should not be missed.

Rwanda - Singita Kwitonda

I often say that safari is a symphony of the senses. At Singita Kwitonda, the only lodge that hugs the 178-acre Volcanoes National Park border, that sentiment rings especially true. A series of exquisitely designed, 100% sustainable, sculptural volcanic rock structures remove any barrier between you and the surrounding wild landscape. Rather than feeling tucked away, you’re immersed in the natural rhythms of the moving mists and jungle-covered volcanoes unfolding before you. At every turn, one finds a soft place to land with every creature comfort imaginable to dream and to gaze at those mysterious volcanoes, nature’s symbols of strength and power. 

To have the level of tangible, insider access ROAR AFRICA guarantees to the park’s history, past and present, at your fingertips is special. We introduce our guests to pioneering gorilla conservationists, like Dr Tara Stoinski and Veronica Vecellio, at the incredible Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund campus and to Prosper Uwingeli, Chief Warden of Volcanoes National Park and a dear friend, amongst others. This level of immersion, expert curation and personal touch helps guests forge friendships, connections and memories that last a lifetime. Also, Rwanda’s 10% tourism revenue sharing model with local communities means the positive impact of your trip is immediate and long-lasting. This is what real, authentic, conservation-forward travel is all about. 

In these intimate moments spent up-close with wildlife and mother nature, we root back to our truest selves and feel a newfound belonging to this beautiful, fragile planet we all share. Should you wish to stay at Singita Kwitonda and meet the gaze of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, Sept 3-6, 2024, contact welcome@roarafrica.com. This reservation will cost $15,425 per person sharing or $16,900 for a solo traveler.


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