Responsible Travel & Sustainable Tourism

Thoughtful travel that protects and preserves. We believe in responsible, transformative sustainable tourism in Africa that protects, preserves, and restores the wildlife and the wild spaces we call home.

Sanctuary Stanley-s Camp Mokoro on the Delta Botswana SSC

Blending Luxury with Conservation

To share Africa's wild beauty and wonder with intrepid explorers is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. While ROAR AFRICA specializes in executing extraordinarily epic adventures across our home continent, our prime motivation is a breathless urgency to conserve the wildlife and wild spaces Africa has left. 

Our Partners Echo Our Values

Ever conscious of the carbon footprint created by movement around the world, minimizing the environmental impact of ROAR AFRICA travel is of paramount importance to us. Our commitment to sustainable tourism in Africa is evident in everything we do, from thoughtfully chosen transportation methods to meaningful conservation partnerships. 

This includes purchasing carbon credits equivalent to our emissions, utilizing South Pole, an emissions reduction strategist, and Stand for Trees, a REDD+ initiative (REDD stands for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation) to maximize and certify these credits for tangible, measurable impact across the continent. Calculating our emissions goes far beyond long-haul flights, including game drives, small aircraft, and human waste.  

Passive ignorance of environmental issues affecting our planet is simply not an option. 

 We also make it a point to engage with and uplift the communities that welcome us – and that many of our local guides call home. The well-being of these local communities is inherently intertwined with the health of the ecosystems around them.   

Conservation Tourism

When our guests witness first-hand the detrimental effects of drought and climate change on natural habitats and phenomena like the Great Migration, their first inclination is to help. ROAR AFRICA has initiatives in motion that thread sustainability leadership and expert-led conservation throughout our trips from start to finish.  

 We firmly believe that it is imperative our guests experience a concrete connection with the positive and immediate impact their investment in responsible travel to Africa generates on the ground.   

We choose to partner exclusively with people and properties that echo our values. 

How and where we travel matters. By traveling with ROAR AFRICA, you will become a custodian of the wild, directly helping to solve some of our planet's most critical social, economic, and environmental problems. Arrive as explorers and leave as restorers.

Questions About Responsible Travel

Have more questions about sustainable tourism in Africa? Find more insight below or reach out to the team at ROAR AFRICA to learn more about how responsible tourism can contribute to environmental conservation on your next journey. 

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