Wild Africa Fund

Founded by acclaimed longtime conservationists Peter and Corie Knights, the Wild Africa Fund takes a multi-pronged approach to tackling complex conservation issues like poaching, wildlife trafficking, bushmeat consumption, and human-wildlife conflict. Utilizing mass communications spanning television, radio, 'Poaching Steals From Us All' campaigns and live music concerts to promote the protection of Africa’s natural heritage, the Wild Africa Fund draws on Peter and Corie’s vast experience across the continent with offices in Cape Town, Lagos, and Kigali.

To power their efforts in combatting the myriad issues plaguing Africa’s precious wilderness spaces and wildlife, the Wild Africa Fund gives a platform to prominent Africans to spread awareness and create the political will for humans and wildlife to peacefully co-exist and thrive together into the future. Current projects include: combatting a growing rhino poaching crisis in Namibia, working with the Nigerian government to implement the country’s first-ever ivory crush, assisting with habitat expansion for Rwanda’s endangered mountain gorillas, and supporting Zimbabwe’s Tikobane Trust to reduce human-wildlife conflict around Hwange National Park amongst countless others.

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