We’ve long partnered with Uthando Tours in Cape Town in our quest to give our clients an authentic philanthropic travel and cultural introduction to the city. Meaning love in Xhosa, Uthando is a unique non-profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited organization that aims to raise funds for life-changing community development projects in South Africa. Despite its incredible natural beauty and melting pot of cultures, South Africa is a country with many acute social and economic challenges. Millions of its citizens live in extreme poverty and face daily struggles to survive, let alone flourish. Motivated by love, compassion and a respect for our common humanity, Uthando seeks to form part of the solution to meet these challenges by drawing on an extensive network of cherished partnerships in tourism and community development.

We share their vision to link these two initiatives in innovative, sincere and meaningful ways and so rely on Uthando to give our clients insights into South African history as well as the socio-economic and cultural issues confronting the country today. Tailor-made itineraries include ‘behind the scenes’ insights into some of the city’s most successful initiatives from micro-farming to literacy and performing arts programs for children to after-school homework clubs. The Amy Foundation in honor of American Fulbright student Amy Biehl, who wanted to develop and empower South Africa’s youth is another must visit. The project employs two of the men responsible for Amy’s death, offering fascinating insights into forgiveness and reconciliation.

Other Philanthropic Partners

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