Wall Street Journal

The New Outdoor Getaway: Landscapes That Have Been ‘Rewilded’

Article PDF: https://www.roarafrica.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/The-New-Outdoor-Getaway_-Landscapes-That-Have-Been-%E2%80%98Rewilded%E2%80%99-WSJ.pdf

“Roar Africa offers its next “Rewilding: Roar & Restore” program in May and June of 2019 at Kenya’s Segera Retreat. Traditional game drives come paired with lectures from an expert on “hands-on healing” as well as spa treatments and acupuncture sessions. Guests can also opt to “sleep like a bird” by spending the night in a raised, open-air platform that’s shaped like a bird’s nest and overlooks the wilderness. From $15,000 per person for the 6-day retreat, roarafrica.com”