“We shape ourselves to fit this world and by the world are shaped again“ - David Whyte

January 15, 2024
Return to the Wild with David Whyte

“We shape ourselves to fit this world and by the world are shaped again. The visible and the invisible working together in common cause to produce the miraculous…so maybe in this life trust to those elements we have yet to see or imagine…and find the true shape of our own selves by forming it well to the great intangibles about us.” – David Whyte

The dawn of a fresh year brims with newness and possibility. Ideas on how to be, what to do and where to go for a better, happier and more fulfilled life flood our consciousness. In the quote above, extracted from “Working Together,” world-renowned poet, zoologist and philosopher David Whyte invites us to consider whether we’re shaping ourselves to fit into our understanding of the world or whether we should surrender and trust the ancient wisdom of the world to shape us into our true selves?

50 years in,  I know that nowhere on Earth has shaped me the way Africa has. The vast open landscapes, the broad warm smiles, the rich, vibrant colors, the sapphire blue skies, the beauty, the harshness… it has all shaped me. Yet, no person I know has ever been able to translate the sheer wonder of Africa’s wilderness - the closest language I have found belongs to David. His words and evocations of nature have taken up permanent residence in my soul, inspiring my design of this entirely singular experience: Return to the Wild with David Whyte, a safari retreat for those looking for meaning and transcendence in the sacred foothills of Mount Kenya.

Africa gently forces one to fully surrender, shaped or unshaped by the world. There is no better place to rest, reset and return to your true form.

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Rest, reconnection and poetry in the wild

David and I share a mutual love of Africa’s wilderness. While my life’s work has been to share the beauty and healing power of my home continent with curious travelers, David’s has been to use poetry as the bridge linking lived experience with understanding and purpose. As a zoologist, he learned early on that scientific language simply isn’t enough to convey the wonder and scope of our emotional experience in the wild.  

To be with David as he gives voice to the depth of feeling we experience on safari is a priceless gift. His unique choice of words achieves the impossible, translating the deep shifts and inner transformation. He sees the visible and explains the invisible, the ‘ether’ that adds such intangible magic.

Join us on David Whyte trip

Yearning for and finding awe

The power of this retreat lies in its celebration of self. Ultimately, we all want to feel connected to ourselves, each other and this beautiful, fragile planet we share. We crave more days in the sunlight and more nights under the stars. We need rest, moments of quiet contemplation, meaningful conversation and deep understanding. We dream of witnessing wildlife roaming free and yearn for the awe this brings. Return to the Wild with David Whyte weaves these threads of wellness, rest, reset, reconnection and joyful exhilaration across five extraordinary days themed around the five elements and aided by the healing hands of some of the world’s best bodyworkers.

“I wanted to reach out to you and tell you the innumerable times I have reflected on my trip with you and the way it actually shifted how I view the world. What you orchestrated was no less than life altering.” - Guest, Into the Wild withDavid Whyte 2023

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I never could have imagined the profound transformation I and every guest at our first retreat experienced. Afterward, collectively, we felt a lightness of being and a newfound joy in the little miraculous moments that make up the fabric of daily life. We returned shaped by the wild world around us. We emerged from our cocoon restored and reconnected, leaning into a new beginning.

Join David and I for Return to the Wild with David Whyte, June 12-17, 2024.


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