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“What makes the natural world so healing to human beings is that it’s just itself” – David Whyte

In the seventeen years since I founded ROAR AFRICA, I've had the immense privilege of observing the transformation that occurs in those who trust us to design and deliver the most meaningful trips and celebrations of their lives. Our guests are traveling not just to move, but to be profoundly moved. They’re seeking those primal experiences and feelings of reconnection, awe, and well-being, missing from modern daily life. Oftentimes, they find something they didn’t know they were looking for. That ‘something’ – self-actualization in place of self-optimization – is priceless.

Nature holds the key

Nature is our nurture. It holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and spiritual satisfaction. A serendipitous conversation with world-renowned poet, philosopher, author, and international speaker David Whyte on this very topic sowed the seed for a journey that that took us far beyond the reaches of our imagination. None of us could have anticipated the sheer bliss and state of mind and place in which we found ourselves. Together, we utilized nature as a portal to not just aesthetic and intellectual well-being but to find that elusive cognitive and spiritual satisfaction too. 

David Whyte trip 2023

A new frontier of consciousness

‘What makes the natural world so healing to human beings is that it's just itself,’ explains David. ‘The cloud is the cloud; the mountain is the mountain; the tree is the tree, and the hawk is the hawk. The kingfisher doesn't wake up one day and decide to be a crow.’ ‘And yet we humans are really quite extraordinary in that we can refuse to be ourselves,’ says David.

I couldn't agree more. What's become obvious is that the Western world's obsession with the wellness industry, which focuses on self-improvement, self-optimization, and self-indulgence, sidesteps that most sacred and ancient connection – the connection between all living things. Specialist trips like Into the Wild with David Whyte, imbued with the sensitivity and thoughtfulness signature to ROAR AFRICA, are the new frontier of conscious travel.

We cannot wait to share the soul-stirring surprises and spectacular beauty Africa has in store for you.

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I have finally come into my body.

Deborah, I had absolutely no idea of the depth of the curation of your experiences. I have traveled for my entire life, and never have I ever experienced or been moved to this degree. You made me realize I lived from my neck up…I have finally come into my body.



David Whyte Trip

What you orchestrated was no less than life altering

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you the innumerable times I have reflected on my trip with you and the way it actually shifted how I view the world. What you orchestrated was no less than life altering.



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