Return to the wild with David Whyte

“...And thought of the future I could make in the world if I walked toward it like this, with my face toward the hills and my eyes full of light and the earth sure and solid beneath me.” – David Whyte


In the eighteen years since I founded ROAR AFRICA, I've had the immense privilege of observing the transformation that occurs in those who trust our African safari specialists to design and deliver the most meaningful safari trips and celebrations of their lives.

Our bodies need nature, and our guests understand that. They’re seeking those primal experiences and feelings of reconnection, awe, and wellbeing, missing from modern daily life. No one translates that awe - the intangible wilderness magic you only experience on safari in Africa - into words quite like world-renowned poet, philosopher and zoologist, David Whyte. Thus, I'm delighted to announce a third Return to the Wild with David Whyte specialist safari retreat will take place with the acclaimed poet in 2025 with dates coming soon.

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A wellness safari holds the key

Nature is our nurture. A serendipitous conversation with David on this very topic sowed the seed for our first 2023 African retreat, Into the Wild with David Whyte. This eco-friendly trip married wellness, poetry and sessions with some of the world's best bodyworkers with safari at Segera, a luxurious private oasis in the sacred foothills of Mount Kenya.

On this unique safari retreat, we'll rise with the sun and walk, with eyes full of light, towards Mount Kenya, feeling, as the opening lines of David’s poetry so presciently said, “the earth solid beneath us”. We’ll sit in stillness and contemplation before the dancing flames of the fire or the beat of a drum with David’s words weaving together the beauty of life and our connection to it. We’ll spend uninterrupted time with Kenya’s abundant wildlife, which roams free across the endless savannah surrounding Segera.

Group of People on Safari: Into the Wild with David Whyte 2023

Eco-friendly, luxury safaris are the new frontier of conscious travel

‘What makes the natural world so healing to human beings is that it's just itself,’ explains David Whyte. I couldn't agree more.

What's become obvious is that the Western world's obsession with the wellness industry, which focuses on self-improvement, self-optimization and self-indulgence, sidesteps that most sacred and ancient connection – the connection between all living things. Specialist trips like this one held at spectacular eco-lodges like Segera and imbued with the sensitivity and thoughtfulness signature of the Africa safari experts at ROAR AFRICA, are the new frontier of conscious travel. There is simply nothing else like it.

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To enquire about joining Return to the Wild with David Whyte in 2025, kindly contact Pricing and dates to be announced soon.

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That feeling of ajabu is now replenishing what had become a wasteland in me

"Together, you brought me, and I suspect many others, into surprising conversations with the ever-present, but seldom perceived, unknown. That feeling of ajabu (Swahili for magic) is now replenishing what had become a wasteland in me, reawakening me to the mysterious workings and unseen threads that weave all of us, human and more-than-human, into a web of interconnected beings, the awareness of which is critical to creating the conditions that can foster new life."

- Into to the Wild with David Whyte, 2024
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Everything was perfect and magical to the last detail

“Segera and the beautiful retreat you organized there were unbeatable. Everything was perfect and magical to the last detail. I just want to say thank you for sharing your love of Africa, it’s people, places and your wonderful, welcoming, thoughtful ways with all of us in the beautiful way that you do that. It was such a gift to meet you, to hear you speak and to be in that beautiful place with you.”

- Return to the Wild with David Whyte 2024
ReturnToTheWild 2024 KendraKeenan Segera LaikipiaCounty Kenya

Thank you for the most extraordinary experience of my life

“Thank you for the most extraordinary experience of my life.  It was not a vacation, it was a transformative journey.  All I feel is love and gratitude.”

- Return to the Wild 2024
David Whyte Leading Discussion to Gusts on Safari

What you orchestrated was no less than life altering

“I wanted to reach out to you and tell you the innumerable times I have reflected on my trip with you and the way it actually shifted how I view the world. What you orchestrated was no less than life altering.”

- Return to the Wild 2023
Group Photo of Guests on Safari with David Whyte: Into the Wild

I have finally come into my body

“Deborah, I had absolutely no idea of the depth of the curation of your experiences. I have traveled for my entire life, and never have I ever experienced or been moved to this degree. You made me realize I lived from my neck up…I have finally come into my body.”

- Return to the Wild 2023
ReturnToTheWild 2024 Randy&Giraffe Segera LaikipiaCounty Kenya-111

I'm leaving here with a full heart

“I'm leaving here with a full heart of love and beauty, and I feel I'm just going onto a new journey and having the conversations with myself I didn't have before. Deborah, I'm in awe every time of what you are capable of orchestrating and making people feel safe and loved.”

- Into the Wild 2023

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