The Greatest Safari on Earth has Departed

August 20, 2021
The Greatest Safari on Earth has now Departed

The very act of travel and being able to cross borders helps us to understand humanity. Travel is perspective.

Right now I am overcome with raw emotion. Two years of dreaming, planning, visualizing, vetting, and our highly anticipated inaugural Greatest Safari on Earth is here. It feels exponentially more consequential now than when I announced it in November 2019. Africa is in a far more precarious position today. The wildlife, wild spaces, and communities of Africa need guests desperately. The fact that this safari is underway during the pandemic is now both fitting and a tribute to everyone involved – our intrepid guests, our partners, our own team, and all those wishing us success. Thank you.

Over the next 12 days, we will be traveling on the Emirates Executive Private Jet, with 10 pioneering guests as we visit four of Africa’s most iconic destinations. I am humbled by our guests’ trust in ROAR AFRICA at this moment. Our promise to them is to deliver a life-changing journey whilst honoring our commitment to preserving and supporting Africa’s people, places, and wildlife. In the solitude of Africa's wilderness, we will let the animals and the people speak to us. We will feel our way toward a new way of being.

Thank you for helping us carry the Olympic torch for African tourism. You can follow ROAR AFRICA on Facebook and Instagram to share the experience of visiting four iconic African destinations with us. Our greatest wish is that this journey will inspire other travelers to come to Africa and in so doing, gain the perspective to protect what is left. There is no time to waste.

With special thanks to our partners: Emirates, Burj al Arab Jumeirah, Matetsi Victoria Falls, Duba Plains Camp, Angama Mara, Singita Kwitonda, and Proof of Impact.


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