Singita Private Jet Experience

July 26, 2017

 Short On Time, High on Life

Next year will see the very first Singita Private Jet Experience by ROAR AFRICA, a trip that promises to be nothing short of life-changing for both seasoned and first-time safari-goers. ‘We are constantly striving to show our guests the raw beauty and diversity of the Africa that we know and love,’ explains ROAR AFRICA’s CEO Deborah Calmeyer. ‘Our vision for this very special safari is to give our guests the opportunity to visit three extraordinary wilderness areas in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and in doing so, they will experience the diverse game-viewing and Singita Lodges unique to each area.’ Integral to the experience is an entirely customizable itinerary, the luxury of our hands-on expert travel coordination, and the experience and insights of ROAR AFRICA’s master guides.

Perfect for multi-generational family trips or for a group of close friends, the weeklong journey will begin in Kilimanjaro where just eight guests will transfer in their own private jet to Singita Grumeti Game Reserve, a 350 000-acre private concession in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem. It is here across these open plains that more than two million grazing animals make their annual migration every year. Chosen for its unparalleled position on the plains, Singita’s Sabora Camp offers ringside seats to this spectacle with all the elegance and ambiance of a 1920’s explorer tented camp.

From here, guests will transfer in their jet to Singita’s Pamushana Lodge in Zimbabwe’s Malilangwe Reserve. Set on 130 000-acres in the southeast of Zimbabwe, the lodge – a collection of quizzical stone buildings redolent of the Zimbabwe Ruins – is nestled into the environment beneath the shade of ancient trees. Offering 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape with rock art dating back some 2 000 years, the area is also home to an abundant population of animals and birdlife.

From there, guests will fly once more to Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, where they will stay at Singita’s Ebony Lodge. This, the original grande dame of the Singita Group that is said to have single-handedly changed the face of the safari experience when it first opened almost 25 years ago, is a feast for the senses. Situated on the banks of the Sand River and in the heart of ‘big cat country,’ Ebony Lodge is a contemporary interpretation of the classic safari lodge with a mix of canvas, glass, stone, and thatch in suites that come with every luxury, including private plunge pools.


‘At ROAR AFRICA, we try to inspire adventure in our guests through a connection to the raw beauty of the land,’ says Deborah. ‘This is why we have purposely chosen these three distinct bush experiences as we feel they create the ultimate safari experience.’ In their quest to leave no detail unchecked, ROAR AFRICA’s on-the-ground team combines a wealth of knowledge, experience, and local connections, that takes care of the logistical and financial complexities common to travel in Africa. ‘The idea is that you can immerse yourself in the wonder and excitement of each and every incredible moment on offer, whilst we take care of every detail.’ And with more Private Jet Experiences in the offing, ROAR AFRICA is also offering a private jet trip to Antarctica next year too.

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