Women’s Empowerment Retreat 2021

Roar & Restore

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“I stand,
On the sacrifices
Of a million women before me
What can I do
To make this mountain taller
So the women after me can see farther.”

Rupi Kaur

As a predominantly female-led company, our mission at ROAR AFRICA is as much about crafting experiential journeys that edify Africa for our guests, as it is about supporting and empowering women within Africa’s safari industry. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously. So seriously, that last year we launched our first ‘official’ Women’s Empowerment Trip at Tswalu in the Kalahari, hosted by an all-female team of pilots, trackers, guides, rangers, anti-poachers, chefs, hospitality leaders and conservationists. We say ‘official’ as we’ve long incorporated the values of women’s empowerment into our trips but this time we wanted to draw a line in the sand by recognizing these pioneering women for the outliers they are – and of course celebrating them for the ways in which they shatter tribal and western glass ceilings every day, by virtue of what they do. 

Anti-poaching women

The joy of the trip was the very special group of ‘interested and interesting’ women (all influential leaders in their respective fields) who not only chose to join us but trusted us enough to connect, bond and inspire each other through conversation and the shared experience of being in nature. Perhaps the most powerful realization was the infectious energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and generosity of spirit that makes us naturally open to the transformative, life-changing effects of travel. 

We expect our 2021 Women’s Empowerment Trip, (March 3-9, 2021)  to be every bit as special and transformative, not least because it will be held at Segera Retreat on Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau. Nestled between glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley – Segera is a spectacular wilderness destination that boasts some 50 000 acres of woodland, grasslands and fertile riverbed. To put it into perspective, that’s an area three times the size of Manhattan, in which elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard roam freely. Not to mention, important populations of Reticulated giraffe, Lelwel's hartebeest and endangered species like Grevy's zebra, Patas monkey and African Wild Dog.


Segera has been lauded for fostering and engendering empowerment within its local communities. In fact, Segera is home to East Africa’s first all-female, anti-poaching and conservation unit, an inspiring group of women that we will visit.

Elephants Dust Bath
Satubo's Womens Beading Group 1

With a stellar lineup of inspirational female speakers there will also be visits to community projects and initiatives that benefit women from vulnerable communities interwoven with daily game drives and walking safaris. We predict that this seven-day learning journey will not only shift our collective consciousness as we gather together amidst Africa’s incredible expanse of sky and savannah but it will be underscored by the certainty that travel has the power to make us not just better people but better wives, partners, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and members of our respective communities too.


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