Webinar #3 - The Power of Design

June 24, 2020
Webinar #3 - The Power of Design
Webinar #3 - The Power of Design

In a world where time spent in nature is medicine for the soul and we are craving wide open spaces, what better way to feed our desires than taking a look at the design behind some of the best wilderness experiences waiting for us.

Travel and design as mediums connect not only with our outer aesthetic, but also evoke strong inner emotions.  They involve embracing a vision and thrive on the risk of uncertainty.  At ROAR AFRICA we know that the design of an experience is a transformational tool that can elevate an ordinary destination into an extraordinary life changing one.  This involves a deep and sensitive comprehension of our guests travel DNA and the curation of an authentic itinerary where a collective sense of the people, psychology and physicality particular to every destination is perfectly articulated.

Today’s webinar we entered into conversation with those designers and architects who are at the forefront of the design of Africa’s top eco-lodges. Heritage, passion, personal craftsmanship and innovation are the common traits shared by us and our panelists.  I am proud and privileged to have Anton de Kock, the South African architect behind the new much anticipated Xigera Lodge in Botswana, along with Geordi de Sousa Costa, a partner and the lead interior designer at Cecile & Boyd (the design studio responsible for all of Singita’s award-winning lodges) and Trevyn McGowan, a leading global proponent of African design, and the co-founder of Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town as panelists.


Our discussion was hosted by none other than Whitney Robinson, himself a design powerhouse, former Editor in Chief and now contributing editor for ELLE Décor– whose incredible knowledge of design will guide and moderate the conversation for us.


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