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It’s unlike anything else you can do in Africa on one journey.

Chris, September 2023
Couple on Hot Air Balloon Ride - Greatest Safari on Earth - ROAR AFRICA

Africa has stolen my heart … and my words.

“I can no longer describe the beauty I have seen. Superlatives seem inadequate, as does everything else. This was perfection - an itinerary to contrast, not compete. Each moment astonishing. Each location extraordinary. In Africa, once is not enough.

I witnessed my first sunset, golden, godly light reflected on a tranquil Zambezi. Kaleidoscopes of exquisite colour, flaming red, periwinkle blue …we were somewhere between heaven and earth. There were so many reasons to pause, to reflect - an overwhelming gratitude. By day, the glorious guides offered us their extraordinary Africa, from scorched savannahs to the Okavango oasis, from the majestic Mara to the verdant volcanoes. Lions dreamed beside us, leopards perched on branches above, hyenas watched with blood red faces. Hungry lion cubs orbited the termite mound while cheetah cubs mirrored their huntress. The mountain gorillas - the ultimate privilege - once is not enough.

Luxurious lodges, galleries of perfection, temples of serenity. Grace and honour, a bubbling joy, dancing and laughter. Endless praise for the smiles, the kindness, the dutiful pleasure, the exceptional care. Inspired and humbled by Joseph Dhafana and Kasiva Mutua.

We flew like angels, we soared. We shook our heads in wonder, we closed our eyes in prayer.

Deb, and team, words will never be enough. Your vision, your power, your exquisite execution - only here there is no contrast, no one can compete.
Eternally grateful”

Leanne & Pravin
- September 2022
Woman & Man Side Hugging Posing for Photo with Cocktail in Woman's Hand - ROAR AFRICA

The Emirates Private Jet was beyond first class.

“My return trip to Africa came unexpectedly, actually the evening before flying back to the US from Dubai, when Deborah invited me to join ‘the Greatest Safari in the World’ trip in August. I was intrigued and surprised, but I decided to commit even though traveling alone on a tour with a small group of strangers was somewhat intimidating. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the onset in Dubai, I felt so pampered and welcomed. The Emirates Private Jet was beyond first class. It was a flying jewel. The accommodations were so luxurious and the crew kind. I met the most wonderful people among my fellow adventurers. I bonded with some and we have trips planned with ROAR AFRICA in the future. Deborah, Lee and Stephen who accompanied us on this trip were attentive to every detail and were some of the warmest people I have ever met. Each destination proved to be spectacular in every aspect, accommodations, service, food, special interests and some awesome surprises along the way. Rwanda! Gorillas!, Zimbabwe! Victoria Falls, Botswana! Okavango Delta!, Kenya! The spectacular migration of wildebeest and zebra. Summarizes but doesn’t touch on so many other experiences we shared in each place. It was truly a magic carpet ride through Africa, one that I feel so grateful and privileged to have shared with everyone on the trip. Deborah you are a true visionary and someone who has added an amazing chapter to my life. Thank you. Lee Cooper you are truly an amazing woman. The epitome of efficiency but also so very warm and very kind.”

- August 2022
Man and Woman Aboard the Greatest Safari on Earth on Emirates Private Jet - ROAR AFRICA

This was a trip of 100 lifetimes!

“My husband and I got back from our ROAR AFRICA Greatest Safari on Earth trip 2 weeks ago. This was the trip of 100 lifetimes! There is no one who could show you Africa better than Deborah. From start to finish this trip was the height of luxury, unique experiences, special surprises and hassle free travel. It is the best of the best! I can't say enough good things about Deborah and her entire team that made our trip so fun and exciting!”

Jamie & Henrik
- August 2022
Hot Air Balloon Ride showing Couple with Safari Tour Guide - ROAR AFRICA

We'll never forget it!

“I must offer again my undying thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful life event as we just experienced with The Greatest Safari on Earth. We'll never forget it. It was everything and more than was said and advertised by everyone. We are great fans and admirers of ROAR AFRICA.”

Dan & Debbe
- September 2022
Couple Smiling on Hot Air Balloon Ride Showing Hot Air Balloons in Background - ROAR AFRICA

ROAR AFRICA’s Greatest Safari on Earth is the Dom Perignon of African Travel.

“Deborah and her team of professionals are top notch, making sure that every minute of your day is filled with world class wildlife viewing, outstanding lodging and the best African cuisine imaginable. If a trip to Africa is on your bucket list, this is the best of the best. Seriously, Susan and I had a fabulous time! It was a fitting occasion to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and the ROAR AFRICA Team made it our most memorable one ever. The sights we saw, the friends we made, the food we enjoyed….toO much to list.”

Tom & Susan
- September 2022
Couple Sitting in Seats on Emirates Private Jet for the Greatest Safari on Earth - ROAR AFRICA

Truly remarkable!

“Deb! We are very thankful for all the endless positive energy, planning, pure hard work and emotion you put into our extravaganza. And then sharing your friends as well! Truly remarkable! We are working on dates and flights for Cape Town.”

Allison & Carlo
- September 2022

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