Behind the scenes with Deborah Calmeyer

January 29, 2022
Travel That Matters podcast

The Travel That Matters podcast series – recently named one of the 10 Best Podcasts for 2022 by Men’s Journal and noted by Forbes – delves into the experiences and personalities that stand out across the industry. Hosted by award-winning editor and writer Bruce Wallin, it explores extraordinary travel, with each episode offering a storytelling journey that foregrounds a roster of industry leaders including luxury travel innovators, world-renowned journalists, connoisseurs, and cutting-edge creatives, making it a must-listen for travel enthusiasts.

ROAR AFRICA founder and CEO Deborah Calmeyer sat down with Bruce not long ago to talk about her own journey – the aspects of travel that most deeply resonate with her and what drives and inspires her. 

With a level of African travel expertise that comes from a place deep within her soul (and her very DNA – her family settled in South Africa in 1688), she has made it her life’s work to share her beloved homeland the way only a local can, with transformative journeys that enhance lives and rewild souls, while saving wildlife and wild spaces. 

Deborah’s story, and her unique and hands-on, holistic approach is what makes ROAR AFRICA a leader in the industry, and her frank, fun and personal conversation with Bruce will inspire you to waste no time planning an African adventure. We’re delighted to share this intimate conversation with two travel industry legends – listen to the podcast here or on Apple or Spotify.


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