International Women’s Day!

March 7, 2020

Happy International Women’s Day!

We hope you enjoy this special message from our Founder & CEO Deborah Calmeyer and Board Member Pat Mitchell on why every day is Women’s Day for ROAR AFRICA.

Our belief at ROAR AFRICA is “if African women rise, wildlife will thrive!” Watch footage demonstrating the power of this message in action.

“I will never forget the lifelong friendships that were formed during our time together, the renewed commitment that each speaker gained by being given the platform to speak, and the very many collaborations that resulted from our week-long sojourn. The career paths now being considered and the uptake by all the properties (which has been fast and impactful) embracing more women in more visible higher paid jobs. There was also considerable funding that went towards things like the Girls College of Tourism that we visited as well as other projects, funded by our travelers. But most of all, I’ll remember the infectious energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and generosity of spirit that came to define us as women. In fact, so proud are we of what was achieved, that we have decided to make the Women’s Empowerment Trip an annual affair.

The 2020 Empowerment Retreat will be taking place in Kenya. We know that much like our first Women’s Empowerment Trip, this year’s itinerary will provide the impetus for each one of our guests to work on their inner selves;  because it is only in knowing and facing our own fears and flaws that we can effect change in the world –  towards a greater sense of purpose, personal growth and economic independence for women.” – ROAR AFRICA Founder & CEO Deborah Calmeyer

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