June 24, 2020

Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth – Brian Jackman

At ROAR AFRICA, we have always valued the power of travel to incite change and aid in the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces.  2020 will mark the year that travel changed forever. The current devastating humanitarian and economic impact of Covid-19 and its subsequent ‘global quarantine on consumption’ have forced us to reimagine travel anew, with smaller footprints, lower contact, and the kind of transformative experiences that foster empathy, open-mindedness and a connectedness between those who travel and the communities who benefit from it.

We believe so much of who we are is wrapped up in where we have been. And so, in looking at the future of travel and what our guests are going to need to get back to Africa we are proud to announce – ROAR PRIVÉ. A private end-to-end travel option for small groups or families traveling to Africa providing the utmost privacy and safety.

In partnership with VistaJet, the first and only global private aviation company, guests will travel from anywhere in the world to the safety of exclusive-use private safari lodges or private islands. Guests will enjoy unrivaled service from take-off to touchdown. From private air terminals, welcomed and looked after by VistaJet’s world-class pilots and cabin crew during your private flight, to upon arrival and beyond, where guests will have a dedicated team  – guide, ranger, chef, butler to service every aspect of their journey at private lodges. Guests will also have access to world-class medi-centers and healthcare if needed. What’s more, you can rest assured that every aspect of your trip has been vetted and verified by our ROAR AFRICA team. ROAR PRIVÉ offers you the lowest contact travel with the highest touch.

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Designed to bring our conservation-minded clients and their families back to Africa’s wild, wide open spaces – our selection of awe-inspiring ROAR PRIVÉ itineraries will take you to those quintessentially African places that capture the beauty, heart and soul of Africa whilst offering a deep, instinctual reconnection, and a percentage of all profits will also go directly back to conservation.

So, as we dream and strive to be a better version of ourselves – know this, your next Africa trip is as essential for your personal, mental and emotional well-being; as it is for the survival of the continent’s wildlife and wild spaces. For it’s never been more evident than now, that while travel is a privilege not a right – thousands of human and animal lives depend upon it. Contact to learn more about how to plan your ROAR PRIVÉ itinerary.


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