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Thanksgiving at Segera

November 2024

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As a species, we are hard-wired to affiliate with the natural world. At ROAR AFRICA, we know that nature holds the key not just to our aesthetic and intellectual well-being but to our cognitive and spiritual satisfaction, too. That our bodies and minds need nature is obvious.

Curating uniquely one-off life-changing journeys, our learnings have all led us to the same truth: our deep roots and insider connections within Africa guide our guests toward ultimate immersion and reconnection in the continent’s most authentic and wild places. These roots begin with my pioneering family, who first came to South Africa 330 years ago, and continue with our conservation-minded specialist team and highly-informed guides raising their families in Africa with a deep awareness of what is at stake.

Your journey will be seamless, discerning and life-changing because, at ROAR AFRICA, we plumb the depths of my valuable resources and cherished relationships built up over a lifetime in Africa to bring you the kind of invaluable insights that only come from experience.

Deborah Calmeyer - CEO and founder

Itinerary Overview

Arrival – November 23, 2024
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
November 23 - November 30, 2024
7 Nights in Laikipia County at Segera Retreat
Departure – November 30, 2024
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Guiding, Activities & Options

With ROAR AFRICA, you can be assured that our guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable hosts who will be as present or as discreet as you wish. We are a full-service company; you are in our care 24/7 and will be met directly from your flight, assisted through the airport and placed swiftly in the expert care of our team. Our guides are specialists in their fields with the intellect, disposition and emotional intelligence to listen and tune in to every individual's needs. They are genuine and the real deal in that they weave together all the different strands that make up the continent's complexities with the refined delivery for which ROAR AFRICA is renowned.

Our guides' fundamental understanding of being able to read our guests, anticipating their needs and desires (often before guests even know what it is they're looking for), alongside developing a personal friendship with each ROAR AFRICA guest creates that curated, deeply personable excellence that sets us apart.

Each day is yours to spend as you wish. These are merely suggestions of things to do to get the most out of your trip. We are at your beck and call. If you would like to be left alone, just tell us. If you want us to take you to a particular place or make a suggestion, just let us know. Anything suggested on this itinerary can be adjusted to ensure this is your ideal experience. The choices presented are a recommendation based on our discussions.

11/23/2024 - 11/30/2024

7 Nights in Laikipia County

On arrival in Nairobi at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, our team will meet you as you disembark. Please look out for your name on a signboard. You will then be assisted through customs, immigration and luggage collection. From there, we will connect you to your flight
Nairobi – Segera Retreat (approx. 45 minutes by air)
2 x Executive Caravans with 2 pilots
No transfers – the aircraft lands just outside the camp and it’s a short walk
10 x Villas inclusive of all meals, all beverages - both non-alcoholic and alcoholic from a selected wine list (excludes imported brands and champagne), Retreat activities: game drives, guide bush & art walks, visit to a local homestead and a variety of other community based activities, laundry, WiFi, gym and local Government taxes - subject to change

Laikipia County

Nestled between glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, a stunningly diverse and seemingly magical environment, the 2.5 million acre Laikipia region enjoys woodland, grasslands and fertile riverbeds where water flowing from the Aberdare Mountains long ago gave rise to the Mutara River to the north, and the Ewaso Nyiro, Suguroi and Segera Rivers to the south. A cascading waterfall flows from the Segera River and in the Valley of Kiseregai Creek, the natural Delamere Springs attract herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and important populations of Reticulated giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest and endangered species such as Grevy’s zebra.

Segera Retreat

Absolute luxury, bespoke service and generous all-inclusive offerings combine to give you exceptional privacy in your wild Kenyan home away from home.  Each of the thatched villas are set within a botanical sculpture garden and combine a bespoke contemporary safari style.  Sliding shade doors and panoramic views connect Segera's elegant villas to the wild grasslands of the Laikipia Plateau, where large herds of plains game, reticulated giraffe, elephant and buffalo, as well as endangered species such as Grevy's zebra, African Wild Dogs and Patas monkeys, abound.

Saturday, November 23, 2024

Day 1

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Game Drives at Segera

Segera is centrally positioned in the heart of Laikipia, one of Africa’s – and the world’s – most exciting safari destinations, boasting the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya. During your safari on Segera, you can expect to see herds of elephant and buffalo, predators such as lion, leopard or cheetah, plains game including multiple species of antelope and zebra, important populations of Reticulated giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest and sometimes our protected endangered species of Grevy’s zebra.

Sunday, November 24, 2024

Day 2

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Families at Segera Retreat

The family activities are designed to offer a holistic, educational and fun experience for children, including playful ways to help children think more about energy and solar power, to learn about where water comes from and why it’s so important, as well as gain insights into local cultures through creative arts and crafts. In keeping with the diverse range of conservation and sustainability projects being undertaken at Segera, they have created a range of themed kids’ activities to reflect the many facets of life at the Retreat, with children being able to learn more about sustainability and safeguarding Africa’s future in the long run, whilst still having a lot of safari fun. 

Segera River Picnic

With such diverse and beautiful landscapes in the greater Segera area, it would be a shame to miss taking a picnic or sundowner out in the African bush.

Wildlife in Laikipia Conservancy

There is no landscape in Kenya, outside of National Parks, more crucial for the future of elephants - and here in Laikipia about 7,000 elephants are protected by private and communal landowners and a network of inspiring conservation organisations.

Monday, November 25, 2024

Day 3

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Conservation at Segera

Segera’s innovative conservation ideals provide wildlife and habitat management for the surrounding Ewaso ecosystem, a mix of community and private land with people, wildlife and livestock co-existing together. Maintaining a vital migratory corridor and giving a permanent refuge to endangered species, Segera is setting a new standard for sustainable tourism and has become a driving force in promoting sustainable thinking and practice.

In 2005, when Jochen Zeitz acquired Segera, it was frequented by poachers, the land was overgrazed and the region was struggling to support its communities and wildlife. Determined to restore and protect Segera’s fauna and flora, Zeitz developed the 4C concept - Community, Commerce, Culture and Conservation - and turned his attention to conserving the beauty of the region, engaging with the community around him and preserving the area’s cultural legacy. With Segera’s unique biodiversity now preserved, endangered species, big game, and migratory mammals have once again found refuge on Segera.

Visit Tree of Life Forests

Deforestation is an urgent problem that affects the plant and animal life of entire ecosystems and the wellbeing of human communities that rely upon the fertility of the land for their own prosperity. Trees are an essential source of oxygen. We fully support the ZEITZ Foundation's Tree of Life initiative, which seeks to set aside wildlife exclusion zones for growing new forest cover in riverine areas and open plains that border some of its local communities. Join us in doing all we can to spread the word about their strategic objective to plant up to 5 million new Acacia trees over the next 10 years into a rhino-shaped forest, creating the clean air so critical to all of us.

Tuesday, November 26, 2024

Day 4

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Segera’s Culture and 4Cs

Segera is inspired by a balance of 4 core concepts that we call the 4Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Your stay directly helps support their 4C projects from solar farms and beading co-operatives to award winning Waterbank Schools and the female anti-poaching rangers academy. Their mission is to create a beautiful, sustainable relationship between the community, the wildlife, the landscape and the people who want to explore the region - they call this an eco-sphere. Every stay contributes to making this vision a solution for the long run and, if you choose to, you can also engage further. 

Soccer with the Locals at Segera

Join in a soccer game with the local community. It'll be fun to test your skills against them. Just a heads up though, these guys are really passionate about the game.

Wednesday, November 27, 2024

Day 5

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Segera’s Female Ranger Academy

Launched in 2019, East Africa’s first All-Women, Anti-Poaching Ranger Academy funded by the Zeitz Foundation, the Julius Bauer Foundation and other private donors, is an initiative close to ROAR AFRICA'’s heart. The academy’s focus on recruiting previously marginalized and unemployed women from local communities in the surrounds of the Laikipia Plateau sees them undergo an elite training program complete with all the necessary equipment and support necessary to ensure they can make a positive and powerful difference on the front lines of conservation. We look forward to giving you access to this dynamic program as part of every trip we curate to Segera. 

Segera’s Canine Unit

Segera's Dog Unit has been a fantastic addition to their security team and the dogs have maintained a 100% success tracking rate since they completed their training. The dogs are thriving under their handlers' dedicated care and even underwent their certification as a professional Police Dog Unit. So Segera's Canine Unit is officially a member of the Kenyan Police Force.

Thursday, November 28, 2024

Day 6

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Segera Stables Art

Zeitz Collection, an extraordinary representation of contemporary art from Africa and its Diaspora. With its evocative sculpture garden and stable-turned-gallery which was renovated specifically for the purpose of art exhibition. Segera Retreat offers a cultural safari, bringing together monumental bronze, stone and steel works, paintings, prints and ceramics. Creating visual conversations about Africa and all of it's colourful cultures.

SATUBO Women Beading Group

Promoting peace and connection through craft, the SATUBO Beading Group is an incredible community project designed to empower women and promote the sustainable development of rural communities. By transforming the age-old tradition of beading into a financially viable enterprise, the SATUBO Beading Group (which stands for and symbolizes the unity of its members from three different, previously warring, ethnic groups: Samburu, Turkana and Borana) empowers women, preserving their culture and promoting commerce by offering them an opportunity to earn an independent income and financial freedom while sharing time, stories and skills together. These rural, tribal communities face challenges owing to a lack of education, poverty and limited access to employment, particularly for women. SATUBO has helped these women become independent of their husbands and is an avenue to raise funds to provide an education for their daughters. With how far the ladies have come despite tribal and gender hurdles, SATUBO is a true testament to the saying, ‘If you educate a woman, you educate a community.’ Alongside generous funding from ROAR AFRICA guests, to further support this initiative, the ZEITZ foundation has built a SATUBO Kindergarten, giving the women more time and freedom to pursue their handicrafts while their preschool children are safely cared for and educated nearby.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Segera

Celebrate Thanksgiving amidst the stunning natural beauty of the African wilderness. The Segera chefs will prepare a unique and memorable Thanksgiving dinner blending traditional cuisine with a touch of African flavors. Expect locally sourced produce skillfully incorporated into the meal, such as game meat, seasonal vegetables and flavorful spices native to the region.

Friday, November 29, 2024

Day 7

- Laikipia County, Segera Retreat

Fishing at Segera

Spend the day relaxing and enjoying the more gentle moments. Soak up the day and breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and the Laikipia county while doing some fishing. A delightful river picnic basket can be arranged filled with fresh, seasonal, homegrown ingredients thoughtfully tailored your preferences. Why not maximize your time out surrounded by nature.

Swahili Interactive Cooking Experience

In a different life, Segera's Head Chef would likely be a teacher given how much she loves training people and always looks for ways to pass along the knowledge that she has gained so far. Spend time in Segera's Kitchen in an inter-active Swahili cooking experience.

Saturday, November 30, 2024

Departure Day

No transfers – the aircraft lands just outside the camp and it’s a short walk
Segera Retreat – Nairobi (approx. 45 minutes by air)
2 x Executive Caravans with 2 pilots
Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, our team will meet you and assist with luggage, check in, customs and immigration and onto your international flight

This adventure will cost approx. $18,000 p/p sharing based on 10 travelers

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