Diane was born and raised in Cape Town, as an adventurous child she was drawn to the outdoors and loved to explore the wonders of her hometown. Cape Town is unique, offering its population life in a busy cultural hub while surrounded by Beautiful mountainous terrain and tranquil sandy beaches. Her deep connection to the ocean lead her to a teaching position in the South African Navy which she occupied for 16 years. She began her career in the travel industry by running a successful Guesthouse, it was there that she realized her love of sharing her passion for her home with guests and she became dedicated to assisting in the creation of lifelong memories for them. This pursuit eventually lead her to the guiding profession and with years of experience providing high quality guiding she joined ROAR AFRICA in 2018 as a full time, Cape Town expert guide. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cycling, squash, tennis and plays both the guitar and keyboard. She also hosts a small wine club and enjoys sharing her knowledge with all having worked briefly on a local wine farm and studied at the Cape Wine Academy.