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Being on the responsible and sustainable end of travel is where ROAR AFRICA has always been. ROAR AFRICA is the first travel company to partner with Proof of Impact, an innovative tech company that transforms impact data into positive outcomes.

What sets this revolutionary offset program apart from others is its focus on the entirety of the travel experience. While existing offset programs focus solely on long-haul flights, this groundbreaking approach extends beyond just the flight to Africa to every element of the journey. This includes fuel, plastic used, non-renewable energy utilized on site, safari vehicles, lodge hops via plane or helicopter and even human waste. These activities are not only neutralized, but the funds from the offset go to specific projects that have been verified by Proof of Impact.

So the offset goes beyond carbon offsetting to actually having a real impact on people’s livelihoods and restoring biodiversity. All these events funded by ROAR AFRICA journeys, will be made visible and tracked by way of an interactive dashboard app that guests access to track results and even donate in real time. Guests also get to physically visit the programs they are contributing to, thereby seeing their impact first-hand.

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“When influential travelers see first-hand the effects of climate change, and the solar and conservation projects in the communities, they are moved to help in whichever way they can,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder.

We are taking all the trip activities into account to offset (long haul flights, internal small hop flights, helis, plastic consumption, presence of humans, all waste from lodges, etc)

We are NOT just offsetting by reducing carbon (this is now being highly contested as having any impact on the planet), instead we are CONTRIBUTING by funding impact events that restore BIODIVERSITY and improve the LIVELIHOODS of the communities we visit.

This is all done through the Proof of Impact platform that collects and verifies the environmental and social data to allow us and our guests to transform trips into real impact value on the ground real time via and app/dashboard .

The days of just buying carbon credits with no proven impact are over; travelers want and can now engage with the places and communities they are sharing experiences with through this unique offering. Our hope is that all our guests will go further to support these kinds of projects and initiatives in real time in the communities they visit. This ensures our vision to making responsible travel matter and ensuring all ROAR AFRICA trips go beyond carbon neutral.”

Deborah Calmeyer

- CEO and founder

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