The Greatest Safari On Earth

November 20, 2019

I know that consciously or sub-consciously, travel in Africa gives us the space to recognize that our connection to self, to earth, and to community is our often-forgotten birth right. This has been validated over the years as I’ve borne witness to the countless ways in which authentic travel experiences highlight the connections that exist between all living things. For many of our guests, the decision to travel to Africa is a clarion call to rediscover themselves in nature. And so, at ROAR AFRICA, our commitment to the preservation and support of nature and communities is a responsibility. Each journey we curate acts as a powerful catalyst for change wielding economic miracles that can change lives. This extends to the places we visit and the properties we stay in, all of which reflect our values and hopes for the future.

It was in cognizance of these responsibilities that we crafted the ROAR AFRICA EMIRATES EXECUTIVE PRIVATE JET SAFARIan epic, extraordinary, and pioneering 100% carbon neutral bucket list experience that will debut in August 17-29, 2021. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will deliver just ten guests to Africa’s top four iconic destinations in the utmost luxury and privacy, heralding in a new era of dynamic travel and what we like to call “the future class”. Designed with the aim to preserve and support some of Africa’s most vulnerable wildlife, wild spaces, and communities while taking in the enormity of Africa’s holy grails of wilderness, guests will visit Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), Okavango Delta in Botswana (the largest inland delta on the planet), Kenya’s Great Migration (the greatest wildlife show on earth), and the world’s last wild Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda – all in just 12 days.

The journey will begin in Dubai where travelers will board the Emirates A319 Executive Private Jet – their sole means of international transport. Created for guests who want to go “beyond first class”, the Emirates A319 Executive Private Jet is everything one expects from luxury travel and then some.  There are ten suites finished in classic walnut and marble, flat beds, feather pillows, private shower, spa, and personal 32-inch TV screens and a lounge. Guests will have access to every amenity – from premier beverage and cocktails to fine dining – along with a cabin crew committed to providing the highest levels of personal service.

ROAR AFRICA will donate the profit from the trip to  The Great Plains Foundation, which will go directly towards conservation of wildlife and education programs for young people who live in and around the areas visited. Guests will also meet the field staff who run and manage these programs, thus gleaning on-the-ground insights into what has been made possible through their targeted donations.

I have never been more excited to host such a groundbreaking trip alongside such stellar contemporaries as Humphrey Gumpo, ROAR AFRICA’S specialist safari guide with nearly 20 years of professional guiding experience in multiple African countries, and Dr. Ian McCallum, renowned poet, conservationist and psychiatrist and one of the world’s most eloquent ambassadors for the wilderness and wild animals. We will also have the insights from professionals in their respective fields on hand during the course of the journey to thrill us with their extensive knowledge, such as Zoologist Dr. Lucy King, who will speak to her personal conservation journey and the relationship that exists between elephants and bees.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the enormous potential for change that such a trip can facilitate, thanks to the active participation and insightful dialogue between informed, conscious travelers and those on the ground. Our goal is to change the philosophy and worldview of leaders from the ground up, because we know how much is achieved by heeding our most ancient instinct of curiosity and heading out into the world. It’s an exciting time to rethink how we travel.

Join us on this first of its kind journey and prepare for the most impactful safari adventure of your life.

For more information on the ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet African Safari, email, or call +1 855 666 ROAR.


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