Travel to Africa and you will ignite the soul of a child and their deep-rooted wonder in the world.

When we bring families to Africa, we work hard to immerse our guests, including children, in the real Africa whilst introducing you to game-changers and their work on the ground, from education to conservation and health. We will take you to visit charitable foundations. We will tell your children stories that will change their world. Like Martin Ganda, who grew up in Zimbabwe in a remote village in the 1980s. Each month, his pen-pal in America sent him five or ten dollars in an envelope, which was far more than Ganda’s family would earn in several months. The friendship developed. Now Ganda has finished his MBA at Duke, and is working at Goldman Sachs. He has started a Foundation called Seeds of Africa, and written a bestselling book, I Will Always Write Back. Inspired by his story, ROAR AFRICA’s CEO Deborah Calmeyer can match-make your children, whatever their age, with a pen-pal in Africa they can meet on their trip. Whatever level of engagement you choose, just bringing your children to this remarkable continent will inspire them for the rest of their lives. We see it happen again and again — families who take the leap to discover Africa together while we keep you safe and nurtured every step of the way. Call ROAR AFRICA for more information.