Humphrey Gumpo, 36, is one of the Zimbabwean greats — a walking safari specialist who started guiding in 1998 on the shores of Lake Kariba.

He has since worked at all the big safari companies — including Wilderness Safaris and Great Plains Conservation. He is ROAR AFRICA’s man, traveling from country to country with our guests. He is one of the few guides in the world licensed to operate in more than one country.

“The art of guiding is to humble yourself in the wilderness, which allows you to take in everything around you. I then have to communicate that to the people I am with, whether they be children, or seasoned travelers prepared to walk with elephant,” says Gumpo.

For the last few years, Gumpo has worked exclusively with ROAR AFRICA. He has produced Santa and his Little Helper in the middle of the African bush. He has swept film crews through some of the most challenging airports in the world. He can entertain a six-year-old, inspire a CEO, and calm the terror when an elephant is standing next to you, without ever pushing guests beyond the boundary they are capable of going.

“With Humphrey, you find things you don’t think you are looking for — which is the priceless value of a professional guide who knows his science, but also allows the space for the serendipitous moment to occur,” says Deborah Calmeyer.

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