“Humans are the most insane species. We worship an invisible god, whilst destroying visible nature. Without realizing that the visible nature we are destroying is the invisible god we worship.” — Botswana’s leading rhino conservationist, Map Ives, quoting the French-Canadian astrophysicist, Hubert Reeves.

On request, we can arrange a bush experience with Ives — one of the key people behind the recent push to bring rhino back to Botswana. You can start to understand the passion that keeps conservationists like him in the field. We will be candid about the good, the bad and the poaching sweeping through Africa, introducing you to people and places with whom you can engage in conversation, or more actively, as philanthropic partners in the vital work being undertaken in remote corners of the continent. The contributions made by our guests at ROAR AFRICA are always significant. We therefore take great care in researching the validity of the conservation initiatives, whether it be collaring elephant, monitoring wild dog, or educating the next generation of Zimbabwean children on how to make a future living through conservation. This can be a life-changing journey not just for you, but for the wildlife and communities your tourism dollar supports. At ROAR AFRICA, we are therefore fastidious about working with environmentally responsible partners, who also look after the local communities on whom the success of wildlife conservation depends.

Call ROAR AFRICA to find out more about meetings, not just with Ives, but other expert conservationists across the continent at large.

Below, at the HerVillage International Forum in Beijing 2015, Deborah Calmeyer became the first woman in tourism to speak to China’s business elite on the devastating effect of illegal wildlife trafficking. The forum celebrated the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference for Women, with the theme “Women: The Power to Change the World”. It was broadcast to 200 million viewers in China. A month later China committed to phase out legal, domestic manufacture and sale of ivory products as a victory in the fight to save Africa’s elephants. Other speakers included Wang Shi and Dereck and Beverly Joubert.