Travel to Africa for indelible moments.

Travel to Africa with the person you love and the shared intensity of the experience will imprint itself in your memory forever. At ROAR AFRICA, we love designing honeymoons. They are the excuse we need to show off what we do best: selecting the perfect room with the prettiest of beds, choosing where to set up the sundowner with a hundred candles and Champagne on ice. We fill the experience with surprises you didn’t know existed. We remove every snag so you indulge in perfect luxury. You can trust in our obsession with detail to get it right, whether it’s an African safari honeymoon, or a week on an Indian Ocean beach, a wine and dine experience through the Cape Winelands, or an adrenalin-fuelled balloon ride over the Masai Mara. So others can be a part of the joy, choose a ROAR AFRICA honeymoon and have family and friends gift you the experience through our special service. Call ROAR AFRICA for more.