The Story

ROAR AFRICA is the world’s only African travel brand with four centuries of lineage. The family arrived on the continent in 1685 to inaugurate their farm with the early settlers in the exalted winelands of South Africa. Based in Manhattan, ROAR AFRICA today is led by the Zimbabwe- born CEO and Founder; Deborah Calmeyer, still devout to Africa as an eleventh generation explorer. And since the founding of ROAR AFRICA in 2005, she has offered distinctive and individualist guests their own African dream.

A company of tradition

ROAR AFRICA adheres to unrelenting high standards in service. Thus the African expert Deborah handcrafts every engagement to coincide with all the requisites and fancy of her select guests. Specializing only in journeys on the southern and eastern sides of Africa, ROAR AFRICA takes pride in offering advice, guidance and arrangement in toto.

A life changing experience and an iconic destination

Every journey that ROAR AFRICA composes is a manifestation of these two essential factors. From the big open skies of a Tanzanian safari, to a sojourn in the revered city of Cape Town, and further across the great unmarked continent, these destinations amongst others encompass some of ROAR AFRICA’s spur. ROAR AFRICA uses the services of vetted wildlife guides, chefs, vintners, artists, historians, and other specialists to offer guests this life changing African voyage.

For these reasons, ROAR AFRICA has a loyal set of guests that include Hollywood stars, politicians, Captains of their specific industries, and astute travelers – all who value Africa and the rarified African dream.

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